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Latin Sacred Music by
John Taverner, Thomas Tallis, William Mundy,
Robert White & William Byrd

Philip Cave - director


    ‘Sonic splendour abounds in the Magnificat choir.’ BBC Music Magazine

    ‘The blend and ensemble of the voices is beyond reproach.’ Gramophone

    ‘Long lines of intertwining and unfolding polyphony, performed with warmth and purity.’ The Observer
• Continuing its exploration of Tudor Latin sacred music, ‘The Tudors At Prayer’ sees Magnificat perform music by Taverner, Tallis, Mundy, White and Byrd.

• The highlight is Mundy's towering Vox Patris caelestis; immensely vivid and colourful this is a powerful performance to challenge any that has gone before.   Equally enthralling as Magnificat's critically acclaimed Spem in alium, but with even richer textures, Vox Patris caelestis perfectly demonstrates Magnificat's heaven-sent sound.

• Byrd's heartfelt setting of Tribue, Domine plus a premiere recording of White's Tota pulchra es, and his sublime psalm setting Domine, quis habitabit are further stand-out moments.

• 'The Tudors At Prayer' provides further evidence of the extraordinary richness of this centuries old repertoire.

• Magnificat is one of the world's premier vocal ensembles whose recordings have met with huge critical acclaim: Spem in alium was hailed as 'quite the best performance of Tallis's 40-part Spem in alium that I have heard' by Gramophone and was 'First Choice' in Building A Library on BBC Radio 3's CD Review.   In addition Victoria's Officium Defunctorum was named 'Critics' Choice' by Gramophone and chosen by The Rough Guide as one of its '100 Essential Classical CDs'.

• Directed by Philip Cave, Magnificat specialises in the restoration and performance of neglected choral masterpieces of the 16th and 17th centuries.

• In association with Linn Records, Magnificat has undertaken many highly successful recording projects of music from 'The Golden Age', including works by Gesualdo, Guerrero, des Prez, Rebelo, Victoria, Allegri, Tallis and Da Palestrina, as well as Latin sacred music by Robert Parsons, Robert White and William Byrd and two recordings to commemorate the 450th anniversary of composer Philippe Rogier.

1. William Mundy (c.1529 - 1591)
    Vox Patris caelestis

2. William Mundy
    Adhaesit pavimento

3. Robert White (c.1538 - 1574)
    Tota pulchra es

4. John Taverner (c.1490 - 1545)
    Quemadmodum desiderat cervus

5. William Mundy
    Adolescentulus sum ego

6. Robert White
    Domine, quis habitabit (III)

7. Thomas Tallis (c.1505 - 1585)
    Suscipe, quaeso Domine

8. William Byrd (c.1540 - 1623)
    Tribue, Domine

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