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William Lawes
Consorts to the Organ



    “… the playing is quite simply divine.” Gramophone

    “… each viol seems to purr and to die away in a rainbow of colors.”

• ‘Consorts to the Organ’ honours the celebrated English Renaissance composer William Lawes and includes a selection of the Five and Six-Part sets, some versions of which are premiere recordings.

• These works, the pinnacle of Lawes’ achievement, challenged the musical rules of the day; his imagination and ingenuity created remarkable and enduring music.

• Phantasm is joined for this recording by regular contributors Emilia Benjamin (tenor viol) and Mikko Perkola (bass viol) plus guest musician Daniel Hyde (organ).

• Phantasm has been widely acclaimed for its previous recordings with Linn; its 2011 recording of William Byrd was named ‘Disc of the Month’ by BBC Music and its 2009 Linn debut of music by John Ward was described as ‘stunning’ by Gramophone.

• The award-winning ensemble has been applauded across the globe for its moving performances and is recognised as the most exciting viol consort active on the world scene today.

• Critics have described their performances and recordings as 'intoxicating', 'revelatory', 'electrifying', 'interpretations pervaded by a truly burning spirit'.

• The quartet’s international members (from Britain, Finland and the US) are based in Oxford and have toured extensively throughout Europe, North America, and East Asia.

Laurence Dreyfus Treble Viol and Direction
Wendy Gillespie Treble Viol
Jonathan Manson Tenor Viol
Emilia Benjamin Tenor Viol
Mikko Perkola Tenor and Bass Viol
with Daniel Hyde Organ

Set a5 in g
  1. – I. Fantazya a5       3:06
  2. – II. On the Playnesong a5       4:14
  3. – III. Aire a5       1:25
Set a5 in a
  4. – I. Fantasy a5 (No. 1)       5:09
  5. – II. Fantazia a5 (No. 2)       2:49
  6. – III. Aire a5       1:56
Set a5 in c
  7. – I. Fantazia a5       3:12
  8. – II. Aire a5 (No. 1)       1:38
  9. – III. Paven a5       6:31
10. – IV. Aire a5 (No. 2)       1:27
Set a5 in C
11. – I. Fantazy a5       2:25
12. – II. Paven a5       5:06
13. – III. Aire a5       2:18
Set a6 in g
14. – I. Paven a6       6:35
15. – II. Fantazy a6       3:18
16. – III. Aire a6       2:10
Set a6 in F
17. – I. Aire a6 (No. 1)       2:29
18. – II. Fantazy a6 (No. 1)       4:56
19. – III. Aire a6 (No. 2)       1:35
20. – IV. Fantazy a6 (No. 2)       3:08
Set a6 in B flat
21. – I. Fantazy a6       4:24
22. – II. Aire a6       2:38
23. – III. Inominy a6       4:26

      Total Playing Time: 77:44

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