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Apollo et Hyacinthus

Classical Opera
Ian Page, conductor


    “These young singers and a period-instrument orchestra deliver uniformly superb interpretations.” - Gramophone

    “Classical Opera’s polished début in Apollo et Hyacinthus proved a pearl beyond price.   Here was a work of staggering beauty.” - Opera

    “Much of the delight came from the discovery of Sophie Bevan, a soprano who, despite her youth, has the richness of tone and command of vocal gesture of a singer at the peak of her powers.” - The Guardian

• Following its successful full length opera, ‘Artaxerxes’, Classical Opera return with the first in an epic series of Mozart operas ‘Apollo et Hyacinthus’.

• Classical Opera has mounted two staged productions of Mozart's Apollo et Hyacinthus (1998 and 2006), with both receiving critical acclaim.

• This recording has been eagerly awaited since its 2007 debut CD, ‘The A-Z of Mozart Opera’ was released, described by David Vickers in Gramophone as ‘glorious … fresh, diverse, insightful and illuminating’.

• The company features a mix of seasoned and young performers including Klara Ek (Melia), Sophie Bevan (Hyacinthus), Lawrence Zazzo (Apollo), Christopher Ainslie (Zephyrus), Andrew Kennedy (Oebalus), Marcus Farnsworth and David Shipley (Priests of Apollo).

• Classical Opera was founded in 1997 by conductor Ian Page.   It specialises in the music of Mozart and his contemporaries, performing with its own period-instrument orchestra, and is considered one of Britain's most exciting and highly regarded young arts organisations.


  1. Intrada       2:41
  2. Recitativo: Amice! iam parata sunt omnia (Hyacinthus, Zephyrus, Oebalus, Melia]       2:53
  3. No.1, Chorus: Numen o Latonium (Chorus, Oebalus)       4:26
  4. Recitativo: Heu me! periimus! (Melia, Oebalus, Hyadnthus, Zephyrus)       1:24
  5. No.2, Aria: Saepe terreni Numina (Hyacinthus)       7:48
  6. Recitativo: Ah Nate! vera loqueris (Oebalus, Apollo, Hyacinihus, Melia, Zephyrus)       3:04
  7. No.3, Aria: lam pastor Apollo (Apollo)       3:46

  8. Recitativo: Amare numquid Filia (Oebalus, Melia)       1:49
  9. No.4, Aria: Loelari, iocari (Melia)       6:39
10. Recitativo: Rex! de salute Filii (Zephyrus, Oebalus, Melia)       5:22
11. No.5, Aria: En! duos conspicis (Zephyrus)       3:08
12. Recitativo: Heu! Numen! ecce! (Zephyrus, Melia, Apollo)       2:05
13. No.6, Duetto: Discede crudelis! (Melia, Apollo)       6:22

14. Recitativo accompagnato: Non est - Quis ergo Nate! (Hyacinthus, Oebalus)       2:35
15. No.7, Aria: Ut novis in aequore luxuriante (Oebalus)       6:16
16. Recitativo: Quocumque me converto (Meiia, Oebalus)       2:56
17. No.8, Duetto: Notus codii, atque Deus (Oebalus, Melia)       5:42
18. Recitativo: Rex! me redire cogit (Apollo, Oebalus, Melia)       4:49
19. No.9, Terzetto: Tandem posi turbida fulmina (Apollo, Melia, Oebalus)       2:45

      Total Playing Time: 76:38

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