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Who Are These Angels?
New choral music by James MacMillan

Cappella Nova
Alan Tavener (director)


    “These are performances of rare power and intensity.” International Record Review

    “MacMillan is one of the most prolific and sought-after composers working today.” American Choral Journal

    “ …extraordinary discipline, precision, and passion… ”
• Cappella Nova follow on from their “undeniably beautiful” (The Financial Times) Linn debut, “James MacMillan – Tenebrae”, with their second volume of choral works by the leading contemporary composer.

• The outstanding Scottish group have a unique relationship with James MacMillan, the composer having written several works for them.

• All of the tracks are premiere recordings, recorded under the supervision of the composer.   Included is the last of the Strathclyde Motets – seven having been included on ‘Tenebrae’.

• Also included is the mass James MacMillan wrote specifically for Pope Benedict XVI's visit to Scotland in September 2010, sung by over 150,000 people.

• Cappella Nova is “famous for its performances of contemporary music” (The Guardian), having commissioned and premiered more than 60 new works since 1986.

• Besides appearances in many British festivals, the group has toured many times abroad, including several visits to Europe and the USA.

• James MacMillan launched his international career at the BBC Proms in 1990 with the critically acclaimed The Confession of Isobel Gowdie.   Since then MacMillan has been awarded a CBE (January 2004) and has created one of the strongest portfolios of contemporary compositions with many award-winning recordings and acclaimed concert performances worldwide.

  1: And lo, the Angel of the Lord
  2: Qui meditabitur (Strathclyde Motet)
  3: O Radiant Dawn (Strathclyde Motet)
  4: Lux aeterna (Strathclyde Motet)
  5: Os mutorum (Strathclyde Motet)
  6: Bring us, O Lord
  7: Canticle of Zachariah (Strathclyde Motet)
  8: Benedictus Deus
  9: Advent Antiphon
10: Pascha nostrum immolutes est (Strathclyde Motet)
11: Who are these Angels?
12: Think of how God loves you
13: Benedicimus Deum caeli (Strathclyde Motet)

14-19 Mass of Blessed John Henry Newman:
Kyrie; Gloria; Sanctus; Acclamations; Agnus Dei;Tota pulchra es

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