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Other Love Songs
songs by Brahms and Stephen Hough

The Prince Consort


    “The performances catch every drop of that naturalness … it crystallises its essence perfectly…” The Guardian

    “The five singers are a vocally attractive lot and truly sensitive.” International Record Review

• The Prince Consort's exciting and innovative new recording embraces two contrasting composers: Johannes Brahms and Stephen Hough including the premiere recording of the British pianist and composer Stephen Hough's collection: 'Other Love Songs'.

• Commissioned by the Consort in 2009 to complement Brahms' works, Hough's songs are designed to explore other kinds of love.   This is symbolised in the rather unique accompaniment of three hands, with Hough providing the third hand.

• Brahms' collection of love songs, 'Liebeslieder Waltzen', written for vocal quartet and piano duet (Alisdair Hogarth with Philip Fowle), depicts the love between a man and a woman - at first cheerful and lustful, then as the mood darkens, heartbreaking and obsessive.

• The Prince Consort's debut recording received great critical acclaim; named 'Editor's Choice' in Gramophone, 'IRR Outstanding' in International Record Review and BBC Music Magazine called it “an outstanding recording”.

• The Prince Consort is rapidly establishing itself as one of the UK's leading chamber ensembles renowned for its inspired and vibrant approach to repertoire and performance.

• Stephen Hough, in addition to being a multi-award winning recording artist is a concert pianist and an avid composer.

Prince Consort:
Alisdair Hogarth - piano
Anna Leese - soprano
Jennifer Johnston - mezzo-soprano
Andrew Staples - tenor
Tim Mead - countertenor
Jacques Imbrailo - baritone
Guest artists
Stephen Hough - piano
Philip Fowke - piano

  1. Rede, Mädchen, allzu liebes     1.11
  2. Am Gesteine rauscht die Flut     0.44
  3. O die Frauen, o die Frauen     1.17
  4. Wie des Abends schöne Röte     0.47
  5. Die grüne Hopfenranke     1.33
  6. Ein kleiner, hübscher Vogel     2.34
  7. Wohl schön bewandt war es     1.18
  8. Wenn so lind dein Auge mir     1.24
  9. Am Donaustrande     2.07
10. O wie sanft die Quelle     0.50
11. Nein, es ist nicht auszukommen     0.52
12. Schloßer auf, und mache Schlößer     0.42
13. Vögelein durchrauscht die Luft     0.41
14. Sieh, wie ist die Welle klar     0.52
15. Nachtigall, sie singt so schön     1.02
16. Ein dunkeler Schacht ist Liebe     1.13
17. Nicht wandle, mein Licht     1.54
18. Es bebet das Gesträuche     1.18

19. When I Have Passed     4.40
20. All Shall Be Well     2.02
21. The City's Love     1.41
22. Madam and Her Madam     0.53
23. Kashmiri Song     2.43
24. Because I Liked You Better     2.38
25. The Colour of His Hair     2.04
26. Simon, Son of John     4.50

27. Verzicht, o Herz, auf Rettung     0.37
28. Finstere Schatten der Nacht     1.11
29. An jeder Hand die Finger     1.26
30. Ihr schwarzen Augen     0.44
31. Wahre, wahre deinen Sohn     1.10
32. Rosen steckt mir an die Mutter     0.53
33. Vom Gebirge, Well auf Well     0.57
34. Weiche Gräser im Revier     1.36
35. Nagen am Herzen fühl ich     1.22
36. Ich Kose süß mit der und der     1.03
37. Alles, alles in den Wind     0.44
38. Schwarzer Wald, dein Schatten     1.29
39. Nein, Geliebter, setze dich     1.35
40. Flammenauge, dunkles Haar     1.40
41. Zum Schluß     2.17

      Total Time     62.55

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