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The Nightingale and the Butterfly

Pamela Thorby (recorders)
Elizabeth Kenny (lute)


“Pamela Thorby's sensual recorder playing is out of the top drawer.” - Music Week

“A wonderful artist: relaxed, stylish, unpredictable and distinctive of tone.” - Independent on Sunday

F ollowing her successful collaborations with Richard Egarr and Andrew Lawrence-King world-famous recorder player Pamela Thorby teams up with renowned lutenist Elizabeth Kenny for her fourth solo album on Linn, 'The Nightingale and the Butterfly', a sparkling exploration of French Baroque music.

• 'The Nightingale and the Butterfly' presents a fine example of Pamela Thorby's award-winning trademark sound: soaring and graceful melodies played impeccably.

• Elizabeth Kenny weaves the lute melodies seamlessly amongst Pamela's recorders - the two players complementing each other effortlessly.

• Thorby and Kenny, both specialists in Baroque repertoire, give a unique interpretation of these appealing works whilst uncovering the beauty of some lesser-known gems.

• Pamela Thorby has established herself as one of the world's leading recorder players. She is most regularly heard on Karl Jenkins' fabulous Adiemus recordings making her possibly one of the most listened to recorder players in the world.

• Pamela was a founding member of the multi award-winning Palladian Ensemble achieving international success with ten critically acclaimed albums.

• Pamela has appeared many times as a soloist at major venues throughout the UK, Europe, USA, South America and the Middle and Far East and has given many concerts worldwide with the Palladian Ensemble.

• Elizabeth Kenny, one of Europe's foremost lute players, performs regularly with the Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment, Gabrieli Consort and Les Art Florissants.

Louis Caix d'Hervelois (1680-1795)
Deuxiéme Suite in G major
  1. Prélude Tendrement     1.35
  2. Allemande     2.22
  3. Musette     1.33
  4. Papillon Vite     1.40
  5. La Lionnoise Gravement     2.37
  6. La Fanatique Vivement     0.50
  7. Air Tendre     3.15

Robert de Visée (c.1650 - 1725)
  8. Passacaille     1.41
      (ms Vaudry de Saizenay: late 17th century)

Anne-Danican Philidor (1681 - 1728)
'Sonate pour la flûte à bec' in D minor
  9. Lentement     2.44
10. Fugue     1.22
11. Courante     1.37
12. Les notes égales et détachez     1.21
13. Fugue     1.50

Charles Dieupart (c.1667 - c.1740)
Suite No.1 in A major 'pour une flûte de voix'
14. Ouverture     5.38
15. Allemande     3.27
16. Courante     1.30
17. Sarabande     2.20
18. Gavotte     0.43
19. Menuet     0.57
20. Gigue     1.51

Robert de Visée
Suite in D minor
      (ms Vaudry de Saizenay: late 17th century)
21. Prélude     1.33
22. Ouverture de la Grotte de Versailles     2.05
23. Courante     1.51
24. Sarabande     3.15
25. Gigue     1.01
26. Contredanse     1.27

François Couperin (1668 - 1733)
27. Le Rossignol-en-amour Lentement et très tendrement, quoy que mesuré     3.22
      (Troisième Livre de pièces de clavecin Quatorzième Ordre)

Charles Dieupart
Suite No 6 in F minor 'pour une flûte du quatre'
28. Ouverture     4.24
29. Allemande     2.36
30. Courante     1.20
31. Sarabande     1.37
32. Gavotte     0.45
33. Menuet     1.03
34. Gigue     1.23

François Couperin
35. Le Rossignol Vainqueur Très Légèrement     2.00
36. Double du Rossignol     3.33
      (Troisième Livre de pièces de clavecin Quatorzième Ordre)

      TOTAL TIME     76:41

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