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the Devil's Trill
Sonatas by Giuseppe Tartini



• A brand new recording by Palladians featuring programmatic sonatas by Tartini, including the famous Devil's Trill Sonata (inspired by a dream in which he made a pact with the Devil). Also included is a sonata by Veracini, whose skilful playing was a great influence on the young Tartini.

• Famed throughout Europe as a pre-eminent virtuoso, Tartini was a private, secretive man, only revealing his true character through secret codes in his manuscripts.

• Tartini's programmatic sonatas ('Didone Abandonata' and 'The Devil's Trill' - a deservedly celebrated masterpiece) display his intense pictorial inward gaze that sets him apart from his many Italian colleagues.

• Veracini's legendary virtuosity (which led Tartini to temporarily withdraw into solitary practice) created a storm of success in England and led to the popular toast 'One God, One King, and One Veracini!'

• Palladians is firmly established on the international stage as one of the very best chamber groups performing baroque repertoire. Constant critical acclaim, a reputation for dashing, intelligent musicianship and a warm, spontaneous on-stage manner has led this virtuoso ensemble to give numerous concert and radio performances.

• Palladians are five times winners of the prestigious Diapason d'Or Award, (1993, 1994, 1998, 1999 and 2000) and has twice had albums named Gramophone "Editor's Choice".
    “A group whose quick-witted inventiveness and almost supernatural internal rapport never fail to delight.”
    - Gramophone
Rodolfo Richter - violin
Susanne Heinrich - viola da gamba
Silas Standage - harpsichord
William Carter - archlute & baroque guitar

Sonata in g minor, Op.1 No.4 'The Devil's Trill'
  1.   I: Larghetto affetuoso     6.33
  2.  II: Allegro-Tempo giusto     5.24
  3. III: Sogni del autore: Andante - Allegro assai - The Devil's Trill     5.51

Sonata in g minor, Op.1 No.10 'Didone abbandonata'
  4.   I: Affetuoso     8.28
  5.  II: Presto     2.33
  6. III: Allegro     4.02

Sonata in A major, Op.1 No.7
  7.    I: Cantabile     1.57
  8.   II: Larghetto     2.16
  9.  III: Allegro     3.10
10. IV: Largo     1.50
11.  V: Allegro     1.59

12. Sonata in e minor, Op.1 No.5: Largo     3.13

Sonata in A major, Op.1 No.13 'Pastorale'
13.   I: Grave     3.27
14.  II: Allegro     3.26
15. III: Largo - Presto - Largo - Presto - Andante     3.02

16. Grave in d minor     4.12

      Total Time:     61.23

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