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12 Volume CD Set.

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The Complete Songs of Robert Burns

Numerous Artists of Scotland


Re-issued to coincide with the worldwide Burns Night celebrations on 25th January 2007, this marvellous collection has been attractively re-packaged in a lightweight case with updated artwork and a fresh new feel.   The new-look boxed set includes a handy booklet complete with track listings and album information.

Originally released early in 2003, the groundbreaking series took seven years to complete and involved over 80 singers and instrumentalists.   It remains the definitive collection of Robert Burns's songs and the timeless poetry of Burns is brought vividly to life in this unique 12-volume CD archive.

Encompassing love songs and bawdy songs (note the explicit lyrics warning on volume 11), patriotic and political anthems as well as songs about Scottish places and people, this collection of songs touches on all aspects of human nature and is a true representation of a vigorous folk tradition past and present.

There are over 360 songs to enjoy including: Auld Lang Syne, My Luve's Like a Red, Red Rose, Sweet Afton, Ay Waukin O, Scots Wha Hae, Mary Queen of Scots Lament, In Edinburgh Town, My heart's in the Highlands and Ae fond Kiss.
    “A remarkable and monumental achievement, comparable - in traditional music terms - to the painting of the Sistine Chapel ceiling or the King James VI translation of the Bible.   A copy of Linn's box set should be in every school and library in the land.”
    Sunday Herald

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