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Louis-Claude Daquin
Les Douze Noëls

(Realised, arranged & orchestrated by Simon Wright)

RSAMD Chamber Choir & Players
directed by John Wallace


Louis - Claude Daquin (1694 - 1772) was a French organist, harpsichordist and composer.   He was also a child prodigy.   After taking some harpsichord lessons from his godmother Elisabeth Jacquet de la Guerre, and composition lessons from Nicolas Bernier, he was capable of playing before Louis XIV at the age of six and of conducting his own Beatus vir in the Sainte-Chapelle at the age of eight.   The Nouveau livre de noëls were published in November 1757 and is the fruit of many improvisations.

This premiere recording marries Daquin's Twelve Noels (well-known as organ pieces) to the original late mediŠval verses from which they derived.   Simon Wright realised the score from the keyboard original and matched it to the original carol melodies before orchestrating it with remarkable imagination.   Mark Darlow researched and put together the text during a period of study leave in Paris.   Through a process of consultation the verses were sifted, and a pastoral progression of solos and choruses has emerged, with the shepherds who ‘tended their flocks by night’ as the main characters.

The RSAMD is Scotland's International Academy for Music and Drama, with Professor John Wallace as their Principal.
    A delightful pot pourri of taste and iconoclasm.   Cracking stuff.
    Michael Tumelty, The Herald

  1. Noël XI - 6.31
  2. Noël IV - 4.00
  3. Noël V - 4.40
  4. Noël III - 5.24
  5. Noël IX - 4.22
  6. Noël I - 4.14
  7. Noël VI - 3.16
  8. Noël X - 4.58
  9. Noël VII - 3.05
10. Noël VIII - 2.55
11. Noël II - 5.27
12. Noël XII - 5.39

      Total time 54.33

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