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Sonatas Opp.35 & 58
Barcarolle Op.60
Variations Op.12

Artur Pizarro


The Romantic Period in music is often commonly understood as a relatively continuous evolution in style stretching from Beethoven's last years until the beginning of the 20th century.   In typical time delay, however, the beginning of exploration of the romantic sensitivity and aesthetic goals applied to music virtually coincided with the end of that stylistic current In the literature, where the music had found its inspiration in the early 19th century.   As this was the era of the foundation of many music conservatories in Europe, where, for educational purposes, the practice of the previous - classical - era was codified, there was a need to define the current meaning of the term “sonata,” its principal form, both as a four-movement form and in its more restricted reference to the first movements of sonatas, symphonies and chamber music forms such as the string quartet.   Music theorists began to refer to the sonata as an ideal in music and subsequently the word “sonata” was used regarding the musical form as well as particular works.   This led to the 19th century theory notion of the “sonata principle” according to which a symphony was understood as a “sonata for orchestra.”
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    “Pizarro proved himself the equal of the keyboard giants”
    “…the freshness and incisiveness of Pizarro's playing somehow takes you unawares”
    “He is an artist of fine sensitivity and sophisticated intelligence”
    This disc contains the program in these formats
    • Direct Stream Digital
    TM Multi-Channel Suround Sound
    • Direct Stream Digital
    TM 2-Channel Stereo
    • CD Standard Stereo [HDCD]

Frederic Chopin

1. Variations Brillantes Op.12

2. - 5.   Sonata No.2 in B-flat minor Op.35
              Grave; Scherzo; Marche Funèbre; Presto

6. Barcarolle In F-sharp major Op.60

7. - 10. Sonata No.3 In B minor Op.58
              Allegro maestoso; Scherzo; Largo; Presto non tanto

              TOTAL TIME: 77.22

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