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plays Frédéric Chopin

Artur Pizarro


Renowned Portuguese pianist Artur Pizarro releases his third disc for Linn Records, which follows on from the success of his two Beethoven Piano Sonatas albums.

Artur has this to say about the release:
“The repertoire of this CD looks back to my childhood and my early contact with Chopin.   Piano has been a part of my life since before I can remember as my maternal grandmother was one half of a classical piano duo.   A lot of solo piano was also played and Chopin was prominently featured.   I also was able to listen to a lot of Rubinstein and Neuhaus playing Chopin on LPs.   The Fantaisie-Impromptu, the c-sharp minor posthumous nocturne (which I played on my first recital 25 years ago!) and the mazurkas on this CD where among the first piano works I ever played.   The rest are either pieces I would hear my grandmother, Berta da Nóbrega, play or her duo partner Evaristo Campos Coelho (a student of Vianna da Motta, Viñes, and Isidor Phillip) or my own teacher Sequeira Costa (who also studied with Vianna da Motta, and with Mark Hambourg, Edwin Fischer, Marguerite Long and Jacques Février).   I mention these great teachers of the piano who have influenced me in one way or another as their teachings have always been present in my life with Chopin.”

This is where the inspiration for the CD title came from, as well as being the original name of the c sharp minor Nocturne.

For the recordings Artur plays an unfashionable Blüthner grand piano, which responds phenomenally to his dazzling articulation, while giving huge sonorous depth to the sound.

    “Pizarro proved himself the equal of the keyboard giants” - THE GUARDIAN 2004
    “…the freshness and incisiveness of Pizarro's playing somehow takes you unawares” - BBCI
    “He is an artist of fine sensitivity and sophisticated intelligence” - HILARY FINCH, THE TIMES
    This disc contains the program in these formats
    • Direct Stream Digital
    TM Multi-Channel Suround Sound
    • Direct Stream Digital
    TM 2-Channel Stereo
    • CD Standard Stereo [HDCD]
  1. Grande Valse Brillante In E-flat major. Op.l8 - 5.57
  2. Valse in A-fiat major. Op.69 No.1 - 3.21
      (D'apres l'autographe varsovien)
  3. Grande Valse Brillanre in A-flat ma)or. Op.34 No.1 - 5.53
  4. Valse In E-flat major. Op.Posth - 2.25
  5. Fantaisie - Impromptu In c-sharp minor. Op.66 - 5.01
      (version de l'autoqraphe)
  6. Nocturne in B major. Op.62 No.l - 8.35
  7. Nocturne In c-sharp minor. Op.Posth - 5.32
  8. Nocturne in D-flat major. Op.27 No.2 - 7.22
  9. Nocturne in E-flat major. 0p.9 No.2 - 5.13
10. Polonaise in A-flar major. Op.53 Héroique - 7.19
11. Mazurka in A-flat major. Op.24 No.3 - 1.51
12. Mazurka in F major. Op.68 No.l - 2.15
13. Mazurka in b-flat minor. Op.24 No.4 - 4.58
14. Mazurka in B-flar major, Op,17 No.1 - 2.27
15. Scherzo no.2 in b-flat minor. Op.31 - 9.59

      TOTAL TIME 79.02

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