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Dimitri Shostakovich
Symphony No. 11

Royal Scottish National Orchestra
Alexander Lazarev - conductor


The driving force behind this major new recording is the RSNO's principal conductor, Alexander Lazarev. Having been born and educated in Russia, and witness to some of the concerts given by the composer himself, Lazarev is in a unique position to present these symphonies with empathy and authenticity.

Alexander Lazarev clearly knows his Shostakovich and is absolutely dedicated to the cause of laying out a definitive chronicle of the composer's symphonic development.   While giving full vent to the lighter whirlwind movements, the conductor aims to bring a serious and empassioned expression to the complex and sometimes contradictory messages that the composer displays (or perhaps hides) in these works.

This is indeed a symphonist from the midst of the 20th century, displaying all the complexities and contradictions of life, and allowing his art to be approached in a number of different ways.   The interpretation is very much in the ear of the listener.

The RSNO has recorded Shostakovich symphonies 1, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.   (these recordings are all Penguin guide recommended).

    “Lazarev has earned his place in RSNO history, with performances that tore deep into the harshness and the harrowing irony of some of the 20th century's most enigmatic music.   If only this great series had been recorded for posterity.”
    The Scotsman, 2001
    This disc contains the program in these formats
    • Direct Stream Digital
    TM Multi-Channel Suround Sound
    • Direct Stream Digital
    TM 2-Channel Stereo
    • CD Standard Stereo [HDCD]

1. The Palace Square     15.58

2. The Ninth of January     19.43
     allegro - adagio - allegro - adagio

3. In Memoriam     8.50

4. The Tocsin     15.50
     allegro non troppo - allegro -
     adagio - moderato - allegro

     Total Time:     60.33

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