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CKD240 Cover
Fiddler Tam
the Music of Thomas Erskine,
6th Earl of Kellie



This is the first recording devoted to the works of one of the most significant composers of the 18th century, and includes several pieces previously unrecorded.   This recording was made possible by the years of research carried out by David McGuinness, John Purser and David Johnson.

Thomas Alexander Erskine, the Sixth Earl of Kellie, was best known as Fiddler Tam.   He was born in 1732, making him a contemporary of Haydn.   He studied composition at Mannheim with Stamitz and he was the first to exploit in the UK the new disciplined Mannheim style with its dramatic crescendos.   His most famous work is Maid of the Mill which as well as UK performances, also reached New York in 1769, St Petersburg in 1772 and Jamaica in 1779.

Concerto Caledonia is Scotland's baroque ensemble, specialising in the music of 18th century Scotland played on period instruments.   The group has brought a vital part of Scotland's musical heritage to a wide audience, and has appeared at festivals of classical, early, contemporary and world music throughout the UK and in Europe.   The group will be a resident ensemble at Perth's new Concert Hall from late 2005.

    … indisputably Scotland's leading early music group, boasts excellent playing and is enhanced by winning performances from the vocal soloists.   Fascinating. - The Independent on Sunday (Review of Mungrel Stuff ).
      Fiddler Tam
      the music of Thomas Erskine, 6th Earl of Kellie

      Overture in C op.1 no.2
  1. Allegro
  2. Andantino
  3. Presto assai

  4. Death is now my only Treasure

      Quartet in C minor (Kilravock no.8)
  5. Allegro
  6. Andante
  7. Allegro

  8. The Lover's Message

      Overture in B flat 'Thc Maid of the Mill'
      (Periodical Overture no.28)
  9. Allegro
10. Adagio ma non troppo
11. Minuet (Rondo)

Quartet in A (Kilravock no.9)
12. Allegro molto
13. Adagio
14. Minuct

Trio Sonata no.5 in E
15. Andante con espressione
16. Minuetto

17. Lord Kelly's Reel

18. Largo

      Trio Sonata no.6 in G
19. Andantino
20. Tempo di Minuetto

       Total Time 76:49

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