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CKD224 Cover
Violin Concerto
Hungarian Dances

Scottish Chamber Orchestra
Joseph Swensen conductor/violin


Linn Records continues its successful partnership with the Scottish Chamber Orchestra with this, the fourth release in the series.   Scottish Chamber Orchestra Principal Conductor, Joseph Swensen is the soloist in Brahms' stunning violin concerto, directing the orchestra from the violin.   A premiere recording of the work performed in this way, it works particularly well with an ensemble of the Scottish Chamber Orchestra's size, which corresponds with the orchestral forces used at the work's first performances.

    “… spacious, pristine, almost crystalline natural sound.”
    Stereophile - (Linn CKD 211)

    “… exceptional realism without excessive “business” in the rear channels and with no diffusion of impact or excessive reverberation. The Oriental Procession would make a terrific demo for the new [SACD] technology.” - (Linn CKD 220)
Johannes Brahms (1833-97)

      Violin Concerto in D major OP.77
  1. Allegro non troppo 23.11
  2. Adagio 8.49
  3. Allegro giocoso, ma non troppo vivace 8.26

      Hungarian Dances
  4. No. 1 in G minor (orch. Brahms) 2.56
  5. No. 8 in A minor (orch. Gal) 2.41
  6. No. 19 in B minor (orch. Dvorak) 1.57
  7. No. 2 in D minor (orch. Hallen) 2.38
  8. No. 18 in D (orch. Dvorak) 1.19
  9. No. 9 in E minor (orch. Gal) 1.58
10. No. 21 in E minor (orch. Dvorak) 1.13
11. No. 20 in E minor (orch. Dvorak) 2.31
12. No. 3 in F (orch. Brahms) 2.30
13. No. 6 in D (orch. Schmeling) 3.14
14. No. 7 in A (orch. Schmeling) 1.29
15. No. 10 in F (orch. Brahms) 1.30
16. No. 17 in F# (orch. Dvorak) 2.53
17. No. 5 in G minor (orch. Schmeling) 2.20

Joseph Swensen and the Scottish Chamber Orchestra
would like to dedicate this CD to
Donald and Louise MacDonald

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