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CKD221 Cover
Les Elemens

Palladian Ensemble
Pamela Thorby recorders
Rudolfo Richter violin
Susanne Heinrich bass viol
William Carter guitar, lute, theorbo


In their first CD with violinist Rudolfo Richter, the Palladian Ensemble play the music of Marin Marais (1656 - 1728) and Jean-Féry Rebel (1666 - 1747).   A suite from Les Elemens, an opera by Rebel, forms the centrepiece of the disc.   The thunderous dissonance which opens Les Elemens can scarcely be believed to be by the 71 year old Rebel, whose music had been praised for its 'Wisdom, Taste and Tenderness' and its avoidance of the 'Frightening and Monstrous.'

The award winning Palladian Ensemble have produced eight previous CDs with Linn Records.   All have been extremely well received by critics and the public alike.

JEAN-FÉRY REBEL (1666-1747)
1.   Le Cahos   6.07
2.   Air pour les Violons (La Terre et L'Eau) - Chaconne (Le Feu)   4.28
3.   Ramage (L'Air)   1.23
4.   Rossignols   1.42
5.   Loure   1.40
6.   Tambourins   2.04
7.   Sicillienne   1.34
8.   Caprice   2.28

MARTIN MARAIS (1656-1728)
9.   Prelude, 3rd book pieces de violes, 1711   3.19
10. Fantaisie, from 2nd book pieces de violes, 1701   4.13
11. Tombeau de Mr Meliton, from 1st book, pieces a deux violes, 1686   7.03
12. Rondeau moitie pince et moitie coup d'archet, book 5, 1725   3.55
13. Chaconne, 1st book, pieces a deux violes, 1686   6.08

14. Sarabande grave, 3rd book, pieces de violes, 1711  3.13
15. Le petit badinage, 5th book, pieces de violes, 1711   1.42
16. Rondeau leTroilleur, 5th book   3.47

      from 2nd book pieces de violes, 1701   14.37

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