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CKD220 Cover
Theatre Music

Pelleas et Melisande
Kuolema - Valse Triste
Belshazzar's Feast
The Tempest : Suite No.2
Andante Festivo

Scottish Chamber Orchestra
Joseph Swensen


In his third release in collaboration with the Scottish Chamber Orchestra Joseph Swensen conducts a programme of Jean Sibelius' theatre music.   The foundations of Sibelius' reputation are his symphonies, tone poems and increasingly his songs but the music he wrote for the stage throughout his creative life includes some of his finest scores.

This recording presents Sibelius' theatre music from two distinct periods - the 1900s (contemporary with his Violin Concerto, and the Second and Third Symphonies) and the 1920s, including some of the last works of his to survive.   Striking economy of expression and intensity are characteristics shared by much of his incidental music for the stage.   In his stage music, Sibelius tends not so much to accompany dramatic action but to set scenes, create atmosphere or provide a prelude or intermezzo to the action for what were predominantly exotic or mystical dramas.

      Jean Sibelius
      Pelleas and Melisande

1.   At the Castle Gate   2.58
2.   Melisande   4.14
3.   At the Seashore   2.06
4.   A Spring in the Park   1.58
5.   The Three Blind Sisters   2.16
6.   Pastorale   2.10
7.   Melisande at the Spinning-Wheel   1.47
8.   Entr'acte   2.51
9.   The Death of Melisande   6.05

10. Valse Triste   5.54

      Belshazzar's Feast
11. Oriental Procession   2.40
12. Solitude   3.26
13. Nocturne   3.38
14. Khadra's Dance   3.54

      The Tempest: Suite No.2
15. Chorus of the Winds   3.27
16. Intermezzo   1.50
17. Dance of the Nymphs   1.38
18. Prospero   1.41
19. Song 1   0.53
20. Song 2   0.59
21. Miranda   1.51
22. The Naiads   1.21
23. Dance Episode   2.02

24. Andante Festivo   4.14

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