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CKD216 Cover
Felix Mendelssohn:
Hebrides Overture -
Violin Concerto in E minor -
Symphony No.3 in A minor "Scottish" -

Scottish Chamber Orchestra
Joseph Swensen - conductor/violin


Rather than solely a composer, Felix Mendeissohn should be considered a polymath - educated and skilled in music, painting and drawing, languages and the classics, as well as being an accomplished sportsman, dancer and chess player.   The list of his musical accomplishments - of which composition was always the most important in his own eyes - also includes virtuoso pianist and organist, gifted violinist, conductor, administrator and editor, who left a legacy still respected and followed in the early 21st century.
D. Martin Edinburgh, September 2002

Felix Mendelssohn

1.   Hebrides Overture

      Violin Concerto in E minor
2.   Allegro molto appassionato - Presto
3.   Andante - Allegretto non troppo
4.   Allegro molto vivace

      Symphony No. 3 in A minor 'Scottish'
5.   Andante con moto - Allegro un poco agilato
6.   Vivace non troppo
7.   Adagio
8.   Allegro vivacissitno - Allegro maestoso assai

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