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John Jenkins
Six-Part Consorts



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    “… the playfulness and spontaneity of Jenkins's invention is infectious … Technically speaking, the ensemble is as zestful as ever … practically flawless in execution.” - Gramophone
• The award-winning viol consort explores the sonorous beauty of John Jenkins; one of the most refined and accomplished composers of the seventeenth century.

• Phantasm's recordings of Jenkins' music have been highly praised: Six-Part Consorts was named ‘Album of the Week’ in two national newspapers and Five-Part Consorts was a Finalist at the 2007 Gramophone Awards.

• Despite an addiction to the densest counterpoint Jenkins achieves a remarkable clarity of expression; like Lawes and Dowland, Jenkins is a consummate consort writer, his music echoing his evident enjoyment of companiable music-making.

• ‘There isn't a dull moment’ comments director Laurence Dreyfus; ‘the wide-ranging treble parts constantly vie for ascendancy, the fervent tenors compete in companionable rivalry, and even the usually lethargic basses engage in surprisingly athletic jumps and lithe leaps.’

• Phantasm is joined for this recording by Emilia Benjamin and Mikko Perkola.

• Originally released on Avie in 2009, Jenkins: Six-Part Consorts has been re-issued as part of Linn's ECHO series which offers a second chance to enjoy the best recordings from Linn artists.

• Phantasm has been widely acclaimed for its previous recordings: its 2015 recording of Lawes was named Limelight's ‘Chamber Recording of the Year’, its 2011 recording of Byrd was named ‘Disc of the Month’ by BBC Music, and it won a 2004 Gramophone Award for its recording of Viol Consorts by Gibbons.

• Critics have described the ensemble and its recordings as ‘intoxicating’, ‘revelatory’, ‘electrifying’ and ‘interpretations pervaded by a truly burning spirit.’

• The award-winning ensemble has been applauded across the globe for its moving performances and is recognised as the most exciting viol consort active on the world scene today.

• Phantasm's international members (from Britain, Finland and the US) have toured extensively across Europe, North America and East Asia.

John Jenkins

  1. Fantasy 9 in d
  2. In Nomine 1 in g
  3. Fantasy 2 in c
  4. Pavan in F
  5. Fantasy 8 in a
  6. Fantasy 4 in d
  7. Fantasy 11 in g
  8. Fantasy 3 in c
  9. Fantasy 1 in c
10. In Nomine 2 in e
11. Fantasy 12 in a
12. Fantasy 5 in d
13. Fantasy 10 in e
14. Bell Pavan in a
15. Fantasy 6 in d
16. Fantasy 7 in a

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