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Go from my Window

Nigel North

BKD 176

for the LUTE by JOHN DOWLAND & his Contemporaries

o the Elizabethans and Jacobeans of early seventeenth-century England, the lute was undoubtedly the most important instrument at all levels of society.   It was the principle instrument used to accompany the voice, at court, theatre or home; amateurs played it for domestic music making; professionals like John Dowland entertained royalty around Europe with their own music composed and performed on the lute.   It was an instrument of high culture, and high technical demands, yet it also entered the realm of popular music.  Out of the 2000 extant solo lute pieces, the numerous settings of Ballad tunes bridge the two worlds of “popular” and “art” music.
© Nigel North   Bloomington, Indiana, December 2002

  1 ANON/FRANCIS CUTTING: Greensleeves
  2 ANON: Robyn
  3 ANTHONY HOLBORNE : Tinternell (or Short Almain)
  4 JOHN DOWLAND: My Lord Willoughby's Welcome Home
  5 WILLIAM BYRD: My Lord Willoughby's Welcome Home
  6 JOHN JOHNSON: Walsingham
  7 JOHN DOWLAND: Walsingham
  8 JOHN JOHNSON: The Old Medley
  9 JOHN JOHNSON: Carman's Whistle
10 ANON: John, Come Kiss Me Now
11 JOHN DANYEL: The Leaves Be Greene
12 DANIEL BATCHELAR: Une Jeune Fillette
13 THOMAS ROBINSON: The Spanish Pavan
14 WILLIAM BYRD: The Woods So Wild
15 EDWARD COLLARD: Go From My Window
16 JOHN DOWLAND: Go From My Window
17 JOHN DOWLAND: Loth To Depart

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