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in the beginning
vocal music by aaron copland and samuel barber

directed by ben parry


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Ten years were all that separated the American composers Aaron Copland and Samuel Barber.   Both made their mark on their country's 20th century musical development.   But different backgrounds moulded very different musical styles - Copland, feisty and adventurous, at the cutting edge, and generally better known through such gutsy works as the ballet Rodeo, or the delicate Shaker variations in Appalachian Spring; Barber, safe and dependable, the lyrical traditionalism but relatively unsung except through the universally popular Adagio from his String Quortet, made famous at the funerals of President John F Kennedy and Princess Grace of Monaco.

© Ken Walton 2000

  1. in the beginning       16.13
      soloist: sally bruce-payne, mezzo soprano

      reincarnations op.16
  2.   i mary hynes       2.24
  3.  ii anthony o daly       3.03
  4. iii the coolin       3.44

  5. to be sung on the water op.42,no.2       2.44

  6. heaven-haven : a nun takes the veil       1.33
      choral setting by the composer of the song, op. 13, no. 1

  7. let down the bars, o death op.8,no.2       1.50

  8. the virgin martyrs op.8,no.l       3.01

  9. agnus dei       7.18
      transcribed for mixed chorus from adagio for strings, op. 11

      four motets 1921
10. help us, o lord       2.27
11. thou o Jehovah, abideth forever       2.16
12. have mercy on us, o my lord       3.39
13. sing ye praises to our king       2.14

      Total playing time : 53.23

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