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echo Series logo Until the 20th century, the Christian world was united by potent religious symbols.   Despite the sometimes fierce divisions in doctrine and spirit between Catholic and Orthodox communities, and between them and the legions of rival Protestant sects, there were important ideas in common: the incarnation of Christ, his teachings, his suffering and death on the Cross, and his resurrection from the dead.

But in the last century all this began to change.   Religious education became less dogmatic, more liberal, or in some places faded out altogether.   All over the world the Church began to lose its social and political significance.   Generations could grow up with only the vaguest notions of what Christianity was about, and little sense of its relevance in their own lives.   While some saw this as a tragedy, for others it was a liberation.   Anyone who felt the need for a spiritual dimension was free to seek truths in other religions - or if ultimately they chose Christianity, it was at least a genuine choice, and not merely the result of social conditioning.

All the works featured on this disc are - in their very different ways - products of this new spiritual freedom.   The artists who created them sought their own truths, their own icons, finding and expressing them in ways which often set them apart from the cultures in which they lived and wrote. © Stephen Johnson

ARVO PÄRT (b.l935)
  1. Variationen zur Gesundung von Arinushka     4.38

  2. Djilile     7.02

      Ypakoë - World premiere recording
  3. arise O God     2.03
  4. let all mortal flesh keep silent     3.59
  5. weep not for me O mother     4.14
  6. the Lord awoke as one that sleepeth     5.39
  7. remember us also O Lord …
      why seek ye among the dead, as though He were mortal man …
      dying, behold we live …
      go quickly and proclaim …
      in everlasting light …
      the Lord is risen     5.27

  8. Singing Sun from A Little Book of Hours     1.34

LEOŠ JANÁCEK (1854-1928)
      In the Mists
  9.   I.     3.58
10.  II.     4.42
11. III.     2.48
12. IV.     5.52

      Night Pieces
13. Snow     1.29
14. Moon     1.45
15. Flowers     2.10
16. Night     2.27
17. Stars     2.03

18. Pour endormir la souffrance     1.46
19. Pour pénétrer les âmes     2.17
20. Pour inspirer l'amour     2.51
21. Pour les guérisons     1.54
22. Pour évoquer l'image du passé     1.44
23. Pour appeler la joie     1.08

      TOTAL PLAYING TIME : 74.34

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