Barb Jungr
    “Jungr is a rapidly rising star of the English cabaret world … she knows just how a song should feel.”
    “… highly personal style that suggests a contemporary amalgam of Peggy Leeand Nina Simone.”
Barb Jungr is widely regarded as Britain's foremost chansonnier and song stylist and is one of the country's finest interpreters of contemporary song.   Drawing comparisons with Peggy Lee and Nina Simone whilst expertly deconstructing the works of Brel, Presley and Dylan, Barb Jungr is an experience that, once heard, is never forgotten.   Barb Jungr received the Best International Artist Award (2003) at the Backstage ‘Bistro’ Awards in New York; in 2004 Time Out New York named Barb's live show as one of the Top 10 Cabaret Shows of the year and Cabaret Hotlines named Waterloo Sunset CD of the Year.   Barb has also won the prestigious Perrier Award for her performances with Michael Parker.   Barb Jungr defies categorisation; she is one of the most original artists of our day.   With a varied and fascinating catalogue that takes the listener on an emotional journey, Barb Jungr is a must-have addition to any Linn collection.

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