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Songs Of Hope For Troubled Times



‘… after hearing Jungr's rendition of a song, one's impression of its emotional and musical message is changed forever’ - NY Theatre Wire

‘Jungr is mistress of all she surveys … This music is the North American Songbook's climax, revealed by its greatest interpreter.’ - The Independent

• Barb Jungrís profoundly original arrangements of contemporary American songs have seen her recognised as one of the most important interpreters of the works of Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen.

• Her unrivalled ability as an enthralling song stylist brings new depth and insight into songs by Dylan, Cohen, Joni Mitchell, David Bowie, Rodgers & Hammerstein, Sondheim & Bernstein and Peter Gabriel.

• Shelter From The Storm also includes three brand new songs written by Jungr and pianist Laurence Hobgood, well-known for his GRAMMY Award-winning hard-core jazz and partnership with Kurt Elling.

• Of his first major collaboration since Elling, Hobgood stated “Iím not just thrilled to be collaborating with Barb Jungr; Iím energized, inspired, and downright giddy at having matched with a ‘musicianís singer’ - a superb vocalist whose musical intelligence is its own formidable, evolved force with which to reckon.”

• Together Jungr and Hobgood are an exciting tour de force, skillfully supported by Michael Olatuja (bass) and Wilson Torres (percussion).

• These ‘songs of hope’ are a much-needed antidote to todayís ‘troubled times; an uplifting message superbly realised by Jungr.

• Barb Jungr is renowned for her unique vocal style, interpretation of song and radical approach to arrangements.

• One of the countryís finest interpreters of contemporary song Jungr is always original and inventive with a voice that has drawn comparisons with Nina Simone and Peggy Lee.

• Jungr has won rave international reviews and two prestigious New York awards (2008 Nightlife Award for Outstanding Cabaret Vocalist and Best International Artist 2003 Backstage Award).

• Jungr was recently shortlisted for a Manhattan Cabaret Award for Best Celebrity Artist and Best Vocalist by the London Cabaret Awards.

• Jungrís acclaimed releases and Ďrevelatoryí live performances have brought her to audiences all around the world.

  1. Bali Hai
  2. Stars Lazy But Shining
  3. Shelter From The Storm
  4. Sisters of Mercy
  5. Venus Rising
  6. Something's Coming
  7. Woodstock
  8. Hymn To Nina
  9. All Along the Watchtower / In Your Eyes
10. Life on Mars? / Space Oddity

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