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Gareth Williams - piano/keyboards
Laurence Cottle - bass
Ian Thomas - drums

    “He's the embodiment of creative energy, a player with a keyboard command that's both impressive and well-directed.” - Jazzwise
Gareth Williams is an artist who commands huge respect and Warmth throughout the UK jazz community. "Shock!", the debut album with the Gareth Williams Power Trio, showcases Williams' skills as an outstanding composer, pianist and improviser.

• “Shock!” sees the Gareth Williams Power Trio deliver a selection of hard-hitting originals.   From melancholy ballads to biting funk, the world-class trio bring a powerful focus and lyrical power to all that they play.

• London-based jazz pianist Gareth Williams has written all but one of the album's tracks (the exception being a cracking new version of John Coltrane's 'Giant Steps') and his playing exudes power, sensitivity and a poignant lyricism.

• Drawing on a range of influences Williams' compositions range from the elegant 'Evans the Piano', to the elegiac 'For Hedd Wyn, Alun Lewis and the Others', the intense modern jazz of 'Seven Leaves', the lopsided modernity of 'Some In' and the crisp funk of 'Keeping Up With Our Jones's', making this Williams' most complete statement to date.

• One of the most intensely creative and dynamic performers on the UK scene, Gareth Williams has been receiving widespread critical and public acclaim and is a popular fixture in the UK's finest jazz venues.

• Gareth is pianist/MD for internationally acclaimed jazz singer Claire Martin (several times winner of at the BBC/British Jazz Awards) and also arranges her music and writes original compositions for her band.

• Laurence Cottle combines a virtuosic approach to the electric bass with an incredible time centre.   He also brings his considerable talents as producer to the album.

• On drums, Ian Thomas displays an astonishing sensitivity as well as the compelling drive and remarkable musical integrity that have made him one of the UK's most in-demand drummers.
    The members of the Gareth Williams Power Trio play their music from the heart.   This is the project that Gareth Williams has always wanted to do and he pulls no punches.
  1. A Welshman In New York     6.32
  2. Shock!     6.21
  3. Giant Steps     4.49
  4. Zelda     5.49
  5. Seven Leaves     5.44
  6. Keeping Up With Our Jones's     3.55
  7. Rocky Crater     3.56
  8. Holey Moley     5.28
  9. For Alun Lewis, Hedd Wyn And The Others     4.53
10. Twenty Years Later     5.15
11. Some In     5.09
12. Evans The Piano     8.25
13. Zed Blues     3.16

      Total Time     69.36

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