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AKD307 Cover
Just Like a Woman
(hymn to Nina Simone)

Barb Jungr


• “Just like a woman” is Barb Jungr's hymn to the late, great Nina Simone.   This beautiful, haunting album combines Barb's compelling arrangements and resolute delivery to bring a fresh perspective on songs associated with her heroine Nina Simone.

• Barb Jungr proves she is a “peerless interpreter” and makes these wonderful songs her own, drawing subtle qualities from the lyrics with a moving lightness of touch to make their message utterly contemporary.

• Barb is perhaps most famous for her re-workings of Bob Dylan songs and has included: “'Ballad of Hollis Brown”, “The times they are a changing” and a soul-meets-reggae influenced “Just like a woman”.

• Barb has surrounded herself with some of the UK's finest musicians including Danny Thompson on bass and Mark Lockheart on saxophone and clarinets.

• Barb Jungr has won numerous accolades with many industry critics considering her to be the finest song-stylist in Britain.   She has been compared to her heroine Nina Simone, for her same fearless approach and dedication to personalising songs, and Edith Piaf and Peggy Lee.

• Barb is a major artist in Australia and the US and has won the Nitelife Award for Outstanding Cabaret Vocalist - the only broad-based, criticdriven award show for nightlife in New York. “Just like a woman” is a magical album that will cement Barb Jungr's growing reputation for uncompromising musicality and outstanding lyrical delivery.

  1. Black is the colour / Break down and let it all out
  2. Just like a woman
  3. Lilac wine
  4. The times they are a changin'
  5. Angel of the morning
  6. Don't let me be misunderstood
  7. Keeper of the flame
  8. To love somebody
  9. One morning in May / The pusher
10. Ballad of Hollis Brown
11. Feeling good

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