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AKD299 Cover
happy this way

Julia Fordham, Ian Shaw,
Richard Thompson, Cassandra Wilson


• Welsh-born Judith Owen's debut album for Linn Records marks her return home from life in the United States where she has established herself as a heartfelt singer / songwriter.

• On “Happy this Way” Owen brings to bear her singular sense of humour and raw emotionalism to create a homage to her native Britain that is at once poignant and funny.

• Co-produced by Owen and John Fischbach - engineer of Stevie Wonder's classic 1970s album “Songs In The Key Of Life” - songs range from the upbeat Painting by Numbers to the melodic epic scope of Conway Bay.

• Highlights include performances by Julia Fordham, Ian Shaw, Richard Thompson, Cassandra Wilson, a remix by Quantic and others.

• Owen appeared at Live Earth in July 2007 and the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in August 2006 where she performed to sell-out audiences.   She also featured on Richard Thompson's revered project “1000 Years of Popular Music.”

• She performs regularly with long-time partner - actor and satirist Harry Shearer who gained global recognition as one of the creators and stars of This Is Spinal Tap and for numerous voiceover appearances on The Simpsons.

• “Happy this way” explores Owen's extraordinary talent for mixing Celtic, jazz and contemporary influences, resulting in a memorable and emotional view of her homeland.

  1. Conway Bay     4:01
  2. Painting By Numbers     2:26
  3. Nicholas Drake     2:35
  4. Sympathy     3:13
  5. A Cool Life     3:48
  6. Carry     3:27
  7. Happy This Way     2:45
  8. We're Only Human     3:39
  9. Love Has 2 Faces     2:52
10. Dark Clouds     2:54
11. My Father's Voice     3:20
      bonus track
12. Enough (Quantic remix)
      featuring Cassandra Wilson     3:25

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