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walking in the sun

Barb Jungr


The past twelve months have been the most successful to date for Barb Jungr.   With sell-out shows from Australia to New York she has featured several times on BBC Television including an appearance alongside KT Tunstall, Odetta and Billy Bragg in the recent Bob Dylan Tribute concert.

Following her acclaimed, song-styled workings of Dylan, Jacques Brel and Elvis Presley, “Walking in the Sun” is the fifth album Barb Jungr has recorded for Linn Records and it heralds a new direction for one of Europe's finest voices.   Drawing on influences from a wide range of musical traditions, including gospel and the blues, the album also includes some exciting new self-penned material.   Music lovers will appreciate lyrics by such great writers as Jimmy Reed, Carole King and Randy Newman as well as a new song by Eric Bibb (Heading Home).
    “The kind of voice many more should get around to hearing.”

    “She knows just how a song should feel.”
    Time Out (New York)

    “Politically correct it isn't; stylish it most certainly is.”
    The Observer

    “Barb Jungr is one of Britain's most effective deliverers of sonic bombshells.”
Featuring Barb Jungr - vocals
Jenny Carr - piano, backing vocals
Jessica Lauren - harmonicas, organ and bass piano, backing vocals
Steve Watts - bass
Roy Dodds - all percussion and drums
Gabriella Swallow - cello
Eric Bibb - guitars
  1. WHO DO YOU LOVE?       2.57
  2. TROUBLE IN MIND       4.32
  3. BEAUTIFUL LIFE       4.07
  4. DRINK ME UP       3.57
  5. WALKING IN MEMPHIS       3.46
  6. WALKING IN THE SUN       4.13
  7. RAINY DAY       5.54
  9. RUN ON FOR A LONG TIME / GOD'S SONG       4.18
10. BLIND WILLIE McTELL       4.12
11. MANY RIVERS TO CROSS       5.34
12. HEADING HOME       4.02
13. WAY OVER YONDER       4.12

      Total Time     54.42

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