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in perpetuity

haftor medbøe group


This album is the realisation of a dream for me.   The music was written in edinburgh in the autumn of 2004 as a development of ideas that had evolved through collaboration with fellow musicians and friends Signy Jakobsdottir, Sue McKenzie and Chris Greive.   The four of us had already made one album together and I was keen to keep the winning formula for this one.   As the melodies took shape it became clear that strings would work well with the material and I invited the Edinburgh Quartet to play with us on the recording.   Having secured their services the challenge was then to fuse the quartet's classical discipline with our more improvisatory approaches in a meaningful way.   The result is this album, which, I hope you agree, shows that genre definition doesn't have to be a barrier and that melody and performance are what really count.   I sincerely thank everybody involved for their efforts and understanding in bringing this music to life and hope that you enjoy the fruits of our labours.
Haftor Medbøe
Edinburgh, January 2006

Haftor Medbøe - electric and acoustic guitars
Susan McKenzie - soprano sax and melodica
Chris Greive - trombone
Signy Jakobsdottir - percusslon

the Edinburgh Quartet strings
Kenny Macdonald programming

  1. little auk       7:34
  2. spor       6:19
  3. charivari       7:12
  4. in perpetuity       7:18
  5. hop skip       5:36
  6. teetotum       5:51
  7. maikro       4:40

      total time       44.31

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