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AKP265 Cover
3 CD Set

Claire Martin
The Linn Box 2

Make This City Ours (AKD066)
Take My Heart (AKD093) [HDCD]
Perfect Alibi (AKD122) [HDCD]

AKD 265

The First Lady of British Jazz, CLAIRE MARTIN, is widely regarded as the best jazz singer of her generation.   Claire received the Rising Star Award at the British Jazz awards in 1994, the Best Vocalist Award at the British Jazz Awards in 1995, 1997, 2000 & 2002 and Vocalist of the Year at the BBC Jazz Awards in 2003.   Claire performs with Oasis's Noel Gallagher on “Take My Heart” and John Martyn on “Perfect Alibi.”   Linn Records released Claire's eleventh album “When Lights Are Low” in September 2005.
    “Blessed not only with a wonderful voice, but also the rare ability to use it with style, intelligence and wit.”
    - Jazz Journal

    “A wonderfully eclectic set by a singer whose unerring taste for the right material is matched by her originality and technique.”
    - The Observer
  1. Make This City Ours Tonight
  2. Gettin' High
  3. Another Night
  4. Bye-Bye Country Girl
  5. No Moon At All
  6. Summer (Estate)
  7. Anyplace I Hang My Hat is Home
  8. How Deep is the Ocean?
  9. Empty Bed
10. Could This be the One?
11. Collagen Lips

  (AKD093)     [HDCD]
  1. Riverman
  2. Take My Heart
  3. Only the Lonely
  4. Queen Bee
  5. Brilliant Trees
  6. Jonah
  7. Help!
  8. Inner City Girl
  9. Pleading Guilty
10. I Scare Myself
11. Baby Plays Around

  (AKD122)     [HDCD]
  1. How Can I Be Sure?
  2. Man In The Station (with John Martyn)
  3. Up From The Skies
  4. Inspired Insanity
  5. People Make The World Go Round
  6. Shadowville
  7. Strangers Now
  8. More Than You'll Ever Know
  9. Over By Allenby
10. More Than I Can Bear
11. He's A Runner
12. Wailing Wall

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