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AKD260 Cover
when lights are low

claire martin
richard rodney bennett


“When Lights Are Low” is the eleventh album Claire Martin has recorded for Linn Records, and is the second featuring Sir Richard Rodney Bennett (also Linn AKD 246).

On the surface it's an unlikely pairing.   You've got Claire Martin, the cheeky south London jazz singer with brilliant technique and beautiful voice with Sir Richard Rodney Bennett, the bow-tie wearing gent and one time Pierre Boulez student best known for his film scores (Four Weddings, Murder On the Orient Express).   At 69 he is nearly twice her age, and together they make a fun, sassy duo.   Friends for fifteen years, the idea for this album was born when Bennett played piano on Martin's last release, “Secret Love” (a heartfelt reading of My Buddy).   This album is just her, Sir Richard Rodney Bennett and a piano, beautifully recorded in New York.   But as Martin reveals:

“I always wanted to work with Richard.   He sings beautifully and he plays great piano, he has such a beautiful touch and really cool ideas.   Plus he knows loads of great quirky songs, not just the old ones - everything from Cole Porter to Bacharach/Costello and where they come from.”   That's what this album is about, the old fashioned virtue of great songs, beautifully played and sung.   In choosing to record them in this way they let the songs breathe, leaving themselves plenty of room to explore the nuance, meaning and heart of some wonderful songs.
    “The best British jazz singer to emerge in the past decade.” - The Times, July 2005

    “ … in Martin we have an exceptional - no make that a gifted jazz singer.”
    - Jazzscene
“When Lights Are Low” by
Claire Martin (vocals) and
Sir Richard Rodney Bennett (vocals and piano)

  1. My One And Only       2:39
  2. I Was a Little Too Lonely       2:02
  3. My Mood Is You       3:17
  4. World Weary       3:07
  5. When Lights Are Low       2:56
  6. Fools Fall In Love       3:17
  7. I Got A Right To Sing The Blues       3:39
  8. Baby Plays Around       3:29
  9. The Very Thought Of You       4:54
10. What I Was Warned About       2:52
11. Baby Don't You Quit Now       3:00
12. No Love, No Nothing       3:44
13. Not Exactly Paris       3:15
14. Any Place I Hang My Hat Is Home       2:49
15. I Keep Going Back To Joe's       3:23
16. We'll Be Together Again       3:45

      Total Time       52:25

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