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AKD222 Cover
Waterloo Sunset

Barb Jungr


Winner of the New York International Artist of the Year (Backstage Bistro Awards, 2003) Barb Jungr expresses her passionate artistry with this new collection of classic and original material.   Barb carves a unique path through many genres of popular music.   This “world-class female vocalist” (Daily Telegraph) has written three original songs for her new album.   Do You Play Guitar, the album's elegaic opening track, Written In The Dark Again, a disturbing exploration of sex, and Lipstick Lips Lament, a wonderful evocation of classic American song-writing.
1   Do You Play Guitar
2   High Water (for Charley Patton)
3   Cathy's Clown
4   This Masquerade
5   The Great Valerio
6   When Do The Bells Ring For Me
7   Written In The Dark Again
8   Like A Rolling Stone
9   Lipstick Lips Lament
10 Laugh Clown Laugh
11 Waterloo Sunset
12 The Joker

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