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Andrew White acoustic guitar, percussion, vocals
Declan Masterson uillean pipes, low D whistle, high whistle
Stuart Pearce keyboards
Cordon Joll drums
James Pinker percussion
Russell Walder oboe
Richard Adams violin
Keith Ballentine additional keyboards and flugal horn

Born in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, internationally acclaimed guitarist & singer-songwriter Andrew White moved to New Zealand with his family when he was 16.   He recorded his first album, Conversations, in 1984, and was immediately signed by American label Narada Records.   With a further 4 albums he soon established a reputation as one of New Zealand's top acoustic guitarists.   His second album Islands, a collaboration with 1995 Grammy-nominated artist David Arkenstone, reached No.6 in the American New Age charts.   This success was followed by The Heart of the Celtic Guitar, which reached the Top 20 in the American Billboard charts (instrumental category) in 1997.

Andrew has toured internationally both as a solo artist and supporting performers such as Clannad, The Corrs, Otmar Liebert, Michelle Shocked, and The Indigo Girls.

  1. Celtic Gypsy     4:40
  2. The Phantarch of Albion     4:44
  3. Northumbria Road     4:50
  4. From Bamburgh's High Walls     3:22
  5. Through Cumbrian Hills     5:09
  6. Victory Road     3.00
  7. The Mews from Madrid     5.23
  8. Alma's Farewell     2:51
  9. Dunstanburgh Dreams     3:30
10. To Llangranog     4:18
11. Lindisfarne Lullaby     3:17
12. Peggy Gordons     4:13
13. Geordies Return     6:48
14. A Little Step     0:57
15. Traces of Silver     2:39
16. Northumbria Road Farewell     0:53

      Total playing time     60.45

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