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AKD046 Cover
off BEAT



Claire Martin vocals
Gareth Williams piano
Arnie Somogyi bass
Clark Tracey drums
Mark Nightingale trombone - tracks 4, 9 & 12
Martin Taylor guitar - track 14 duet
Anthony Kerr vibes - tracks 5 & 8

… The news about Martin is slowly reaching America, thanks to fans like Richard Rodney Bennett.   After hearing her in a London club, Bennett raved to friends in New York that 'Claire is just astoundingly wonderful in person.'   The proof is in this disc, recorded live at Ronnie's in August 1995 with some of the best young jazz players in the UK.

The repertoire will tell you all you need to know about Martin's taste.   The daunting title tune was obscure even in 1961, when June Christy recorded it for Capitol.   Its lyrics- 'I follow my own design / I walk no one else's line' - announce a program that crosses many stylistic and generational boundaries.  
James Gavin

  1. off beat (Leon Pober)     2.03
  2. buy and sell (Laura Nyro; Tuna Fish Music)     6.00
  3. come back to me (A.J.Learner, B.Lane; Lerlane Corp.)     3.39
  4. i'll close my eyes (Billy Reid; Peter Morris Music Co Ltd)     6.26
  5. monk's new tune (M.Frank; Mississippi Mud Music)     3.48
  6. i do it for your love (P.Simon; Warner Bros)     5.23
  7. worth the wait (G.Williams, C.Martin; MCPS Ltd)     4.16
  8. wishful thinking (David Newton, J.E.Siegel; MCPS Ltd)     3.55
  9. comes love (L.Brown, S.Slept, C.Tobias; Chappell)     6.29
10. would you believe? (C.Coleman, J.Lipton - Notable Music)     6.29
11. lost in his arms (I.Berlin; I.Berlin Music Corp.)     7.04
12. something real (Phoebe Snow; Phoebe Snow Music Co.)     4.21
13. make sure you're sure (Stevie Wonder: EMI Music publishing)     5.17
14. some other time (L.Bernstein, B.Comden, A.Green; Jalni Publications)     4.42

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