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Red Cliff Capriccio

Wei Li, guzheng solo

FIM K2HD 076

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This recording was nominated for a 2009 GrammyTM Award for the Best Instrumental Soloist Performance.

Double Celebration

This album is a double celebration for FIM.

It is the first Chinese recording to be processed with the latest K2 HD technology.   The sound and the music on this album represent some of the finest achievable today.

In addition, it is a special compilation of the masterpieces of Maestro Wei Li, representing his thirty years of artistry as a virtuoso guzheng performer, composer, and arranger.

Maestro Li began his performing career three decades ago.   During the prolific years since then, he has presented numerous concerts, won various prizes and accolades, and produced some one hundred recordings.   His performances have always been acclaimed as sensational, irresistible, and incomparable.   He is regarded to be the maestro who best embodies the pinnacle of classical and contemporary guzheng artistry today in China.

I met Wei by a twist of fate, and we quickly became friends and colleagues.   So far, the maestro has recorded four albums for FIM: River of Sorrow, Autumn Moon over a Placid Lake, Autumn Yearning Fantasia, and A Rose for Me.   River of Sorrow has enjoyed world-wide acclaim, while Autumn Yearning Fantasia was selected to be the demonstration recording in the seminar, “A New Realism,” at the 2003 AES Convention.

Though his successes are many, the maestro considers this new recording, Red Cliff Capriccio, to be the best portrayal of his artistry in three decades of performing, composing, and arranging.   I can only agree.

Apart from the gorgeous composition and breathtaking performance, this recording showcases the sonority and harmonic nuance of the three beautiful guzheng instruments specially selected for this performance, as captured in the famous recording hall of Skywalker Sound by one of the best engineers in the world, Professor Keith Johnson.

The result, simply put, is an immortal piece of art.   In fact, it is the best work to date, for both Maestro Li and FIM.

Enjoy, and find yourself bewitched!
Winston Ma - FIM Records
Autumn, 2007

      Red Cliff Capriccio     11:22
  1. The Great River Goes East     1:37
  2. Meditation of the Battle of Red Cliff     4:09
  3. Scene of Red Cliff     2:06
  4. Consolation     3:30

  5. Suwu, the Shepherd     6:09

      Waltzing Clouds     7:29
  6. Solo Waltzing     1:49
  7. Duet Waltzing     2:40
  8. Group Waltzing     3:00

  9. The Lonely Maid Ballad     6:09

10. Prelude to the Dream of the Red Chamber     6:54

11. Beautiful Evening     3:07

      Song of the Mountain     8:47
12. Song of Love     3:05
13. Song of Joy     2:05
14. Drinking Song     3:37

15. The Hungry Horse     3:42

      Snowy River     9:34
16. Introduction (Emptiness)     1:48
17. Adagio (Perseverance)     3:39
18. Allegro (Will Power)     2:28
19. Finale (Determination)     1:39

      Encore Track
20. Lover's Tear     4:22

      Total time:     67:35

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