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Ensemble Corund

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The Music
n the late 1570s Victoria joined the newly-founded Congregation of the Oratory, led by St. Philip Neri.   He also received a chaplaincy at St. Girolamodella Carita, and in 1583 was elected to the office of visitor to the sick and Spanish destitute in Rome.   The years at St. Girolamo were productive ones for Victoria.   During this period he published volumes of hymns, Magnificat settings and masses, an Office for Holy Week and a collection of motets.

The most solemn days of Holy Week are the Triduum-the three days prior to Easter, consisting of Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Holy Saturday.   During this time, the Church commemorates the establishment of the Eucharist, the crucifixion, and Jesus' repose in the tomb.   Mass is not celebrated, and the offices are simplified to resemble the structure of the Office of the Dead.

Although music for Holy Week is traditionally performed without instruments, the present recording is supported by an organ accompaniment.   The newly-emerging monodic style required organ accompaniment; in 1600, Emilio de' Cavalieri's Holy Week responsories at the Congregation of the Oratory in Rome specified the organ.   An organist himself, Victoria too adapted the “modern” style, including organ-accompanied polychoral masses, reflecting Slyie, including organ-accompanied polychoral masses, reflecting the modern tastes of Philip III.   It is not difficult to imagine an older yet progressive Victoria using the organ in the discrete manner featured in this recording.

Victoria's legacy, revealed in these tenebrae responsories, is that of a devoted priest and musician, keenly aware of the message of his texts, speaking a musical language conservative in its conception yet progressive in its outlook.
Felix Cox

The Artist
Ensemble Corund
he musicians of The Ensemble Corund have all made names for themselves as soloists in a variety of styles.   They possess sound knowledge of historical performance practice and wide experience as professional ensemble singers and instrumentalists.   They come from a variety of heritages, both from within Switzerland and from abroad.   Shared is their love for the ensemble's repertoire and the striving for a rich, colorful, vital, yet homogeneous ensemble sound.

The Ensemble Corund is a welcome guest at festivals and in concerts on both sides of the Atlantic.   Audiences and critics alike laud their performances for its sensitive programming and daring music making, full of energy and emotion.   Since its founding in 1992 Corund has produced its own concert series, regularly inviting international guest artists to join them.   CD recordings with Corund Productions and Dorian Recordings, as well as radio broadcasts in the US, Switzerland and abroad, round out their concert activities.

DOR-93249 - Navidad Iberica; Spanish Christmas Music and Villancicos from the Renaissance

Victoria: Tenebrae Responsories

Matins responsories for Maundy Thursday, 2nd nocturn
  1. Amicus meus       3:01
  2. ludas mercator pessimus       2:17
  3. Unus ex discipulis meis       3:27

Matins responsories for Maundy Thursday, 3rd nocturn
  4. Eram quasi agnus       3:19
  5. Una hora       2:48
  6. Seniores populi       4:06

Matins responsories for Good Friday, 2nd nocturn
  7. Tamquam ad latronem       3:58
  8. Tenebrae factae sunt       4:13
  9. Animam meam dilectam       6:58

Matins responsories for Good Friday, 3rd nocturn
10. Tradiderunt me       2:26
11. lesum tradidit impius       3:09
12. Caligaverunt oculi mei       6:07

Matins responsories for Holy Saturday, 2nd nocturn
13. Recessit pastor noster       3:05
14. O vos omnes       3:09
15. Ecce quomodo moritur       4:50

Matins responsories for Holy Saturday, 3rd nocturn
16. Astiterunt reges       2:11
17. Aestimatus sum       2:40
18. Sepulto Domino       4:30

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