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Charles Dollé:
Pieces de Viole avec La Basse Continüe

Petr Wagner, Viola da gamba - Jacques Ogg, Harpsichord

DOR-93246 Cover

Charles Dollé is an extremely shadowy figure in the French viol-playing sphere, who belongs to the generation after Marais.   He is listed in one source as a 'Maître de Viole' but he appears not to have held a court appointment.   Otherwise the only information we have on him are his six publications: the first four of which were published in 1737, op. 5 in 1749 and op. 6 in 1754.   Dollé's Pieces de viole for bass viol and continuo recorded here are his op. 2; op 1 is a set of trio sonatas and the remaining four collections are all for the highly popular mid-eighteenth-century instrument: the pardessus de viole - which was fashionable with society ladies to perform the latest Italian violin music.   (The violin, held on one shoulder, was considered distorting and thus inappropriate for ladies to play; in contrast the pardessus de viole sat elegantly on their laps.)

   - Dr. Lucy Robinson

Premiere Suitte (G Major)
1. Prelude
2. Allemande. La Mantry
3. Le Tendre Engagement
4. Rondeau. Le Gruer
5. Sarabande
6. Fugue
7. Musette. La favoritte
8. La Badine

Deuxieme Suitte (C Minor)
9. Prelude
10. Allemande. La Fiere
11. Rondeau l'amoureux
12. Fantaisie. La Clausié
13. Sarabande
14. Les Amusements
15. Tombeau de Marais le Pere
16. Rondeau. La Weymar

Troisieme Suitte (A Major)
17. Prelude
18. Allemande. La Coudole
19. Tambourin
20. Rondeau. Le Turpaux
21. Musette
22. Rondeau. Le Difficille
23. Sarabande
24. Carillon

Total Time: 70:35

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