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The Art of Machaut and the Trouvères

Fortune's Wheel
Lydia Heather Knutson & Paul Cummings Voice
Shira Kammen & Robert Mealy Vielle, Harp, Voice

DOR-93245 Cover
The great flowering of lyric that occurred in the south of France during the early part of the twelfth century sowed many seeds that came to bloom in the north, one century later.   The northern French trouvères who wrote and sang in the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries took as their models many of the forms that the Provençal troubadours had invented long before.   The troubadours were the first to create a tradition of vernacular poetry in the Middle Ages; no less a poet than Dante devoted an entire book to their brilliant poetic forms, and held them in such high esteem that he nearly wrote his Commedia in Provençal, not Italian.
- Robert Mealy ©

1.   Main se leva/La jus desous l'olive/C'est la gieus (caroles) • Anonymous 4:04
2.   Fontis in Rivulum (conductus) • Arr. S. Kammen 1:32
3.   Volez-vous que je vous chant (reverdie) • Anonymous 4:26

4.   Lis dous regars (rondeau) • Adam da la Halle (c.1245-c.1288) 1:01
5.   Chanson legière (chanson) • Conon de Bethune (c.1160-1219) 5:15
6.   Tant con je vivrai (rondeau) • Adam de la Halle 1:53
7.   Doucement mi reconforte (motet) • Anonymous 2:36

8.   Lai de la Pastourelle (instrumental lai) • Anonymous 4:58
9.   Je muir (rondeau) • Adam de la Halle 1:57
10. Bele Doette (chanson de toile) • Anonymous 10:48

11. Or est baiars en la pasture (rondeau) • Adam de la Halle 0:48
12. Souvent sospire (vocal estampie) • Anonymous 3:30

13. Je vivroie liement (monophonic virelai) • Guillaume de Machaut (c.1300-1377) 2:21
14. Moult sui/Se mesdisans (instrumental, one- and two-part virelais) • Machaut 3:18
15. Sans cuer (two-part rondeau) • Machaut 4:47
16. De Fortune (three-part ballade) • Machaut 4:38

17. Quant je sui mis (monophonic virelai) • Machaut 2:24
18. Comment qu'a moy/Vostre doulz viaire/ Puis que ma dolour agree (monophonic virelais) • Machaut 4:07
19. Ay me! dame de valour (monophonic virelai) • Machaut 1:27
20. Douce dame jolie (monophonic virelai) • Machaut 2:41

Total Program Length: 68:23

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