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Dragon Reels

Roger Landes ~ Bouzouki, Guitar, Mandolin
John Whelan ~ Accordion     Zan McLeod ~ Guitar
Connie Dover, ~ Vocal, Keyboards

and Other Guests

DOR-93238 Cover

While the recent origins of the Irish, or "Celtic" bouzouki are a matter of record, some aspects of the story are still somewhat in dispute.   Most players and builders of the instrument agree that the introduction of the Greek bouzouki into Irish traditional music in the late 1960s is probably the single most crucial event in the brief history of the "Irish" bouzouki.  
- Rodger Landes

[1.]   The First of October
[2.]   Sarsfield's March
[3.]   The Devil and the Farmer's Wife
[4.]   A Barrel of Knives
[5.]   Master Crowley's
[6.]   Slopes of Sliabh Luachra
[7.]   Storm-stayed at Grady's
[8.]   Murphy's Nails
[9.]   Uncle Dick's Slow Reel
[10.] Guitar Reels
[11.] Hector the Hero
[12.] Jerry Holland Set

Total Program Length: 52:13

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