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Am I Born To Die
An Appalachian Songbook
Mason Brown & Chipper Thompson

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When the Celtic people of Ireland and Scotland migrated to the dark and bloody shores of the New World, starting in the sixteenth century, they brought their music with them, and the music of Anglo-Celtia has resounded through the North American mountains, forests, and fields ever since.   They continued and expanded long traditions in the harsh, unknown country.   Dance tunes that had been played in Ireland's smokey pubs now rang out through the mysterious, black forests as lusty, young men " buck danced" to them.  
Anglo-Celtic mountain music will continue to evolve as long as new generations keep playing and singing these melodies and telling these stories.   Even rock'n'roll and modern commercial country music have been deeply influenced by the tangled roots of "hillbilly" music.  
- Homer St.John (co-editor, "The Yoknapatawpha Howlsman's Quarterly The Southern Annals of Music, Catfish, and Culture")
Milagro, New Mexico, August 2000

[1]   Pretty Peggy-O
[2]   Jesse James
[3]   Wars Of High Germany
[4]   Bruton Town
[5]   Going To The West
[6]   The Verdant Braes Of Skreen
[7]   Banks Of The Ohio
[8]   Oh, Death
[9]   God Moves On The Water
[10] The Trees They Grow Green
[11] The Pesky Sarpent
[12] No Man Can Hinder
[13] Lady Gay
[14] Rove, Riley, Rove
[15] Am I Born To Die
Total Program Length:   56:36

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