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Salamone Rossi
Volume 1: Music For The Sabbath

Eric Milnes, Director

DOR-93210 Cover

Salamone Rossi (1570-c.1630) was the most famous Jewish musician of the late Italian Renaissance.   For most of his adult life he worked as a composer and performer for the ducal court at Mantua.   In an era when Jews enjoyed few legal rights or privileges, Salamone Rossi was granted special favor.   We know for example that in 1606 a ducal order permitted him to refrain from wearing the yellow "Jew badge" that all Jews were required to wear at that time.

This brief period of Renaissance musical enlightenment for the Jews in Mantua was crushed in 1630 when the city was invaded by Ferdinando II, and nearly two thousands Jews were expelled from the city.   We do not know Rossi's exact death date, but it seems likely that he perished in the destruction of the ghetto during the invasion or in the plague that ensued. - Gabe M. Wiener

[1.]   Haleluyah haleli nafshi et Adonai
[2.]   Yigdal
[3.]   Kaddish
[4.]   Barchu
[5.]   Hashkiveinu
[6.]   Keter (Kedushah)
[7.]   Haleluyah, ode ladonai
[8.]   Elohim Hashiveinu
[9.]   Mizmor l'David
[10.] Mizmor l'Asaf
[11.] Shir lamma' alot, essa einai
[12.] Haleluyah, ashrei ish yare et Adonai
[13.] Kaddish
[14.] Adon Olam
[15.] Lamnatseach binginot mizmor shir
[16.] Mizmor shir l'yom hashabat
[17.] Ein Kehloheinu

Total Program Length   45:54

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