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A Recital of Intimate Works
Volume II

Music by
Gibbon, Bach/Petri, Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin, Brahms, Ravel, Scarlatti et al.

Andrew Rangell, Piano

DOR-93194 Cover

It is hoped that the ordering - carefully considered - of the diverse pieces on this disc will afford an involving and an evolving listening experience, and that the individual works will benefit in interesting ways from those pieces which frame them.   Different orderings are of course possible, and listeners are invited to invent their own!
- Andrew Rangell

[1.]   Sonata in B minor, K.87 - Domenico Scarlatti
[2.]   Intermezzo, Op.119, No.1, B minor - Johannes Brahms
[3.]   Menuet sur le nom de Haydn (1909) - Maurice Ravel
[4.]   Allegretto in C minor (1828) - Franz Schubert
[5.]   "A Rose Breaks into Bloom" (Es ist ein Ros' entsprungen) Op.122, No.8 (1896) - Brahms
[6.]   "I Call Upon Thee, Lord" (Ich ruf' zu dir, Herr) BWV 639 - J.S. Bach/Ferruccio Busoni
[7.]   Evocación (from "Iberia" 1909) - Isaac Albéniz
[8.]   Eleven Bagatelles, Op.119 - Ludwig van Beethoven
[9.]   Poéme-Nocturne, Op.61 (1911) - Alexander Scriabin
[10.] Nocturne, Op.62, No.1, b major - Frédéric Chopin
[11.] Intermezzo, Op.119, No.2, E minor - Brahms
[12.] "Lord of Salisbury" Pavane and Galliard (c.1610) - Orlando Gibbons
[13.] Menuett, K.355 (1790) - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
[14.] "I Stand Before Thy Throne" (Von deinen Tron tret ich) BWV 668 - J.S. Bach/Egon Petri

Total Program Length:   70:02

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