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String Quartets Volume 4 - Quartets Nos. 2, 12 & 16

Cuarteto Latinoamericano
Saúl Bitrán, Violin    Arón Bitrán, Violin
Javier Montiel, Viola    Alvaro Bitrán, 'Cello

DOR-93179 Cover Latin American Masters - 6381 Bytes It has become almost commonplace to say that the musical output of Heitor Villa-Lobos (1887-1995) is as vast, varied and exuberant as the Amazon rain forest near which he grew.   This is a picturesque analogy, but it certainly rings true: in the catalogue of Villa-Lobos, which comprises more than 700 works, we find an astonishing variety of forms, genres and modes of expression that bear witness to the composer's inquisitive and adventuresome spirit.  
- Juan Arturo Brennan

String Quartet No, 2 (1915)
1.   Allegro non troppo
2.   Scherzo
3.   Andante
4.   Allegro deciso - Presto - Final

String Quartet No, 12 (1950)
5.   Allegro
6.   Andante malinconico
7.   Allegretto leggiero
8.   Allegro ben rimato
String Quartet No, 16 (1955)
9.   Allegro non troppo
10. Molto andante (Quasi adagio)
11. Vivace (Scherzo)
12. Molto allegro

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