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Renaissance Songs of Spring

David Fallis, Artistic Director

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"In the month of May the citizens of all estates, generally in every parish, and in some instances two or three parishes joining together, had their several mayings, and did fetch their maypoles with divers warlike shows; with good archers, morrice-dancers, and other devices for pastime, all day long; and towards evening they had stage-plays and bonfires in the streets."
So wrote John Stow in his Survey of London of 1598, giving an Elizabethan Englishman's view of the festivities which attended the first day of May as far back as the Celtic celebrations of Beltane (which marked the first day of summer).     - David Fallis

[  1] Now is the month of maying Thomas Morley (1595)
[  2] Joan to the Maypole Anonymous (17th c.)
[  3] Bellamira & Emperor of the Moon English Dancing Master
[  4] Now the lusty spring is seen Anonymous (1614)
[  5] Willy prithee go to bed Thomas Ravenscroft (1609)
[  6] Greenwood & Hunt the Squirrel English Dancing Master
[  7] Come away, come sweet love John Dowland (1597)
[  8] Engels Nachtegaeltje Jakob van Eyck (1646)
[  9] Beauty sat bathing William Corkine (1610)
[10] All in a garden green William Byrd (1591)
[11] This merry pleasant spring Anonymous (early 17th c.)
[12] Woodycock Anonymous (17th c.)
[13] Allons au vert boccage Guillaume Costeley (1570)
[14] Basse-dance "Jouissance" Thoinot Arbeau (1589)
[15] La terre n'agueres glacée Nicolas de la Grotte (1569)
[16] La rousée du joly mois de may Jean Planson (1587)
[17] Frais et gaillard Giovanni Bassano (1591)
        /after Clemens non Papa
[18] Quand ce beau printemps je voy Jehan Chardavoine (1576)
        /after Nicolas de la Grotte
[19] A jigge/Squirrel's lament/The squirrel's toy Anonymous (late 16th c.)
[20] Ma belle si ton ame Anonymous (1603)
[21] O lusty May Anonymous (1612)
[22] See, see the shepherds' queen Thomas Tomkins (1622)

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