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Brubeck & American Poets

The Pacific Mozart Ensemble

DSL-92160 Cover

CD + Pure Audio Blu-Ray

Sono Luminus is proud to offer a magnificent collection of works from the hands of Dave Brubeck, brought to life in this debut recording from the Pacific Mozart Ensemble, Brubeck & American Poets, under the baton of conductor Lynne Morrow.

Dave Brubeck, revered as a jazz pianist, is a composer of a rich stream of choral music.   The music is varied, with many of the songs evoking the feeling of specific places and emotions.   The music can be enjoyed by all; some of it is complex, some youthful and easily accessible.   A perusal of Brubeck's choral catalog shows that most of his lyricists are beloved American poets, including Langston Hughes and Wendell Berry.   This disc gives musical form to Brubeck's love of American poets.   His thoughts about the poets and the composition of these works are included in the booklet.

      Four New England Pieces
  1. Autumn in Our Town     2.09
  2. Once When I Was Very Young     5.10
  3. Two Churches     2.53
  4. How Does Your Garden Grow?     4.03

  5. Lonesome     2.29

  6. Summer Song     4.21

  7. Regret     5.11

  8. Quiet As the Moon 3.52

  9. Dreamer     2.10

10. Heaven/Boogie 1AM     2.57

11. Dusk     3.11

12. I Dream a World: Chorale     2.12

13. Festival Hall     1.44

14. I Have a Little Shadow     3.38

15. The Wheel     3.31

16. In Time of Silver Rain     2.33

17. The Peace of Wild Things     3.34

18. The Wind     2.55

19. Truth     2.43

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