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Critical Models
Chamber Works of Mohammed Fairouz

Katie Reimer, piano ~ James Orleans, double bass ~ Jonathan Engle, flute ~ Marrten Stragier, guitar
Vasko Dukovski, clarinet ~ Claire Cutting, oboe ~ Thomas Fleming, bassoon ~ RaYoung Ahn, violin
Michael Couper, alto saxophone ~ Lydian String Quartet

DSL-92146 Cover

In his first release with Sono Luminus, young New York composer Mohammed Fairouz brings together a breathtaking collection of music in Chamber Works of Mohammed Fairouz, showcasing the versatility and raw passion that makes him one of the most frequently performed composers of his generation.

Straddling Eastern and Western idioms, Mohammed Fairouz has emerged as a force on the musical scene.   Praised by the New York Times as “warmly sympathetic” and “brilliantly handled”, his music has been received at venues such as Carnegie Hall, Boston's Symphony Hall, the Kennedy Center and internationally throughout the United States, Europe, the Middle East and Australia.   He has received commissions from Musicians for Harmony, Northeastern University, the Imani Winds (Legacy Commission), the Cygnus Ensemble, Counter) induction, Alea III (Boston University), Alwan for the Arts and the Second Instrumental Unit among others.

His music has been championed by some of the foremost performers such as the Borromeo and Lydian String Quartets, the Imani Winds, members of the Boston Symphony Orchestra, the violinists Rachel Barton Pine and James Buswell, the clarinettist David Krakauer as well as the conductors Gunther Schuller, Fawzi Haimor and Yoon Jae Lee.   Among the eminent singers that have promoted his wealth of vocal music are Kate Lindsey, D'Anna Fortunato, David Kravitz and Randall Scarlata.

The awards and honors that Fairouz has received for his work include the prestigious Tourjee Alumni Award from the New England Conservatory which he received in 2008.   He is also the recipient of the Malcolm Morse Memorial Award, the NEC Honors award and awards from the Merit Funds of the New England and Boston Conservatories.   In 2008 he was honored with a national citation from the Embassy of the U.A.E in Washington D.C. for outstanding achievement in artistry and scholarship.

He has been invited to lecture and lead residencies across the country at institutions such as Columbia University, Brown University, Chestnut Hill College, Grinnell College, Northeastern University (Boston), Humbolt State University and the University of Western Michigan.

  1. Litany (for Solo Double Bass & Wind Quartet)

      Four Critical Models (for Alto Saxophone & Violin)
  2.   I. Catchword: A Modernist’s ‘Dilemma’
  3.  II. Intervention: Une Musique Informelle
  4. III. Catchword: An Oriental Model
  5. IV. Intervention: A Dialectical Synthesis

      Piano Miniatures 1-6 (for Solo Piano)
  6.   I. Nocturnal Snapshot
  7.  II. - :58
  8. III. - :53
  9. IV. - :51
10.  V. - 1:00
11. VI. Addio
      Lamentation and Satire (for String Quartet)
12. Movement   I: Lamentation
13. Movement  II: Satire

      Three Novelettes (for Piano & Alto Saxophone)
14. Cadenzas
15. Serenade
16. Dance Montage

      Airs (for Guitar)
17. Prelude
18. Fantasy
19. Intermezzo
20. Toccata

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