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Mystery Sonatas

Julia Wedman, violin

DSL-92127 Cover

    Passion, excitement, sorrow, and celebration all fill the room with this new exciting release of Biber: Mystery Sonatas by Julia Wedman.   Though the Mystery Sonatas (also called the Rosary Sonatas) weren't discovered until the late 19th century, these master works of violin virtuosity that employs extensive scordutura (multiple tunings) for the performer have become a favorite of Baroque Music lovers and violinists the world over.   After 2 years of research leading up to the recording, Ms. Wedman has brought a new life and impassioned vision to these works.

    But it is the unique feature of scordatura - the complete re-tuning of the violin - that sets the Rosary /Mystery Sonatas apart.   While this practice had been used in violin music before, it is in the Mystery Sonatas that Biber takes this technique to a level that had never been seen before, or ever again. Of the sixteen sonatas in the set, fourteen feature this radical technique.   Each new re-tuning of the violin sonically transforms the instrument as the violinist and audience experiences new aural effects.   With each sonata, Biber creates in the violin an analogy to the ancient metaphor that the human body itself is a string instrument, resonating with the voice of God.

Disc One - 1:13:26
  1. Mystery Sonata No. 1, "The Annunciation" - 5:49
  2. Mystery Sonata No. 2, "The Visitation" - 5:17
  3. Mystery Sonata No. 3, "The Nativity" - 7:19
  4. Mystery Sonata No. 4, "The Presentation of the Infant Jesus in the Temple" - 7:53
  5. Mystery Sonata No. 5, "Finding the 12-Year-Old Jesus in the Temple" - 7:22
  6. Mystery Sonata No. 6, "The Agony in the Garden" - 7:26
  7. Mystery Sonata No. 7, "The Scourging at the Pillar" - 9:28
  8. Mystery Sonata No. 8, "The Crowning with Thorns" - 6:05
  9. Mystery Sonata No. 9, "Jesus Carrying the Cross" - 7:41
10. Mystery Sonata No. 10, "The Crucifixion" - 9:04

Disc Two - 55:20
  1. Mystery Sonata No. 11, "The Resurrection" - 8:29
  2. Mystery Sonata No. 12, "The Ascension" - 7:41
  3. Mystery Sonata No. 13, "Pentecost" - 8:12
  4. Mystery Sonata No. 14, "The Assumption of Mary into Heaven" - 8:40
  5. Mystery Sonata No. 15, "The Coronation of Mary in Heaven" - 11:30
  6. Passagalia, "The Guardian Angel" - 10:47

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