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Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
Nutcracker Suite
Delibes • Fauré • Llobet • Vivaldi

Matt Flinner, Dana Rath, Paul Binkley, Gyan Riley

DSL-92121 Cover

The Modern Mandolin Quartet presents a delightful alternative to a popular classic with the Dorian Sono Luminus release of Nutcracker Suite, an enchanting collection of music reinvisioned with instruments from the mandolin family: two mandolins, a mandola and mandocello.

The Modern Mandolin Quartet was formed in 1985 to give a new voice to that most American of musical instruments, the mandolin.   Following the tradition of the mandolin orchestras and chamber groups from the early twentieth century, the MMQ uses the instruments of the mandolin family which correspond to the conventional string quartet (two mandolins, mandola, and mandocello).   To date the Quartet has arranged and performed over 90 works originally written for orchestra, chamber ensemble, piano, guitar, and string quartet.

Miguel Llobetís most popular works are the arrangements of Catalan folk songs (Canciones populares Catalanas).   Llobetís original solo guitar melodies have been re-arranged for mandolin quartet.   The interesting, often strange harmonies he chose and the delicate texture of the guitar music made these pieces quite fun and natural for the MMQ.

Modern Mandolin Quartet has been performing their own fun version of Tchaikovskyís masterpiece since 1991.   Influenced by Mstislav Rostropovichís extraordinary Berlin Philharmonic recording, MMQ brings its own other-worldly magic to this perennial musical favorite.

Fauré's haunting Pavane is bathed in harmonies which are quite rich and reminded the MMQ of jazz chords, and through improvisation the members of MMQ decided to include two solos in the finished product.

The Vivaldi Concerto in D Major is MMQís nod to the traditional plucked string repertoire.   Its joyful energy and the quieter evocative quality of the second movement made this concerto a pleasure to play.

Léo Delibes composed his operatic masterpiece Lakme in 1883.   This gorgeous musical selection (originally for soprano and mezzo-soprano) translates beautifully in MMQís treatment and is a fitting close to the program.

MIGUEL LLOBET (1878-1938)
Four Catalan Folk Songs (arr. Binkley)
  1. El Noy de la Mare - l:40
  2. La Nit de Nadal - l:16
  3. El Testament d'Amelia - 1:55
  4. Canço del Lladre - 1:41

The Nutcracker Suite, Op.71a
(arr. Imholz/Binkley)
  5. Miniature Overture - 3:08
  6. March - 2:52
  7. Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy - 2:09
  8. Russian Dance (Trepak) - 1:10
  9. Arabian Dance - 3:42
10. Chinese Dance - 1:08
11. Dance of the Mirlitons - 2:45
12. Waltz of the Flowers - 7:25

GABRIEL FAURE (1845-1924)
13. Pavane, Op.50 (arr. Binkley/Rath) - 7:46

Concerto in D Major
for Lute, Two Violins & Basso Continuo, RV93

14. Allegro - 3:28
15. Largo - 4:17
16. Allegro - 2:16

LEO DELIBE8 (1836-1891)
17. Sous Ie dome epais (Flower Duet from Lakme)
(arr. Binkley) - 2:36

      Total Time: 51:24

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