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University of Michigan Symphony Orchestra
Kenneth Kiesler

DSL-92113 Cover

Evan Chambers brings to life the epitaphs etched in stone so many years ago in Jaffery, New Hampshire in his first release on Dorian Sono Luminus with his new work.   The Old Burying Ground, performed by the University of Michigan Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Kenneth Kiesler, this world premiere release intertwines powerful orchestral movements, moving vocal passages and poems commissioned by world renowned award winning poets in a way that connects the listener with each of those that have passed on and inspired the piece.

The album features a powerful cast of vocal soloists led by world famous folk singer Tim Eriksen, who beyond releasing numerous recordings exploring a wide range of musical styles, was the music consultant for the film 'Cold Mountain' working with the musicians and tutoring the actors in Sacred Harp singing, appearing in the film and ultimately performing his shape-note arrangement of an Oscar-nominated Elvis Costello song on the Academy Awards.   Eriksen is the only musician to have shared the stage with both Kurt Cobain and Doc Watson.   Anne-Carolyn Bird (Soprano) is a brilliant and award winning voice who can be heard as the 'Voice of the Fountain' on the Grammy Award-winning recording of Osvaldo Golijov's Ainadamar.   Nicholas Phan (Tenor) who has performed with the numerous opera companies including Glimmerglass, New York City, LA, and Chicago, has proven to be a stellar up and coming artist.   The album also features poetry commissioned for the work by internationally acclaimed poets including Keith Taylor, Thomas Lynch, Richard Tillinghast, Paula Meehan, Jane Hirshfield, read by the poets throughout the work.

This powerful piece of music is a guaranteed top selection in the play lists of the traditional classical music listener, and bridges the gap to reach music lovers of all genres. The folk undertones paired with the poetry and intricate orchestral composition truly give new life to those interred at The Old Burying Ground.

  1. Introduction     2:21
      All The Time You Want - (poem)
  2. And Pass From Hence Away     3:34
  3. O Say Grim Death     5:42
  4. O Say Grim Death - (poem)     2:09
  5. A Bar So Pure     2:43
  6. Uncut Grass - (poem)     1:36
  7. Oh Drop on my Grave     4:16
  8. This Transitory Scene     9:11
  9. Her Void - (poem)     1:19
10. Nancy Eliza     4:07
11. Pompeii - (poem)     1:50
12. Emma     5:39
13. Relentless Death     3:16
14. Paths of Peace     8:19
      Poem With Two Endings (poem)

      Total Time 56:11

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