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20th Century Harp Sonatas

Sarah Schuster Ericsson

DSL-92106 Cover

GRAMMY® nominated harpist, Sarah Schuster Ericsson make her debut on Dorian Sono Luminus with the new album, 20th Century Harp Sonatas.   These sonatas captivate listeners with their poetic meanings matched with rhythmic combinations of energy and technically demanding passages that only a truly virtuosic performer such as Ms. Ericsson could achieve.

The album features works by 5 of the premiere 20th century composers who wrote sonatas for the Harp: Paul Hindemith, Alfredo Casella, Nicolas Flagello, Germaine Tailleferre, and Pierick Houdy.   With the wide range of styles and nationalities of the composers, the music is brilliantly varied in a way that engages the listener.   Houdy’s Sonata composed for his wife Ghislaine de Winter the year they were married contrasts Casella's which was written during the defeat of his home country Italy in World War II while dealing with his own failing health.   Hindemeth based the third movement of his Sonata on the melancholy poem Lied by the 18th Century poet Hölty.   From the New York Composer Flagello who’s opening movement takes full advantage of the harps capabilities, to the only female member of the avant-garde French composers group Les Six who begins her Sonata (written for Spanish harpist Nicanor Zabaleta) with a steady march like rhythm.

Pierick Houdy (b.1929) Sonate pour Harpe     11:22
  1. I. Allegro moderato     4:53
  2. II. Lento     3:52
  3. III. Vivo     2:37

Alfredo Casella (1883-1947) Sonata per Arpa, Opus 68     17:59
  4. I. Allegro vivace     5:59
  5. II. Sarabanda (Grave, solenne)     7:23
  6. III. Finale (Tempo di marcia vivo e festoso)     4:07

Nicolas Flagello (1928-1994) Sonata for Harp     17:00
  7. I. Maestoso quasi Allegro     7:00
  8. II. Lento     5:23
  9. III. Allegro piú possibile     4:37

Paul Hindemith (1895-1963) Sonate für Harfe     10:44
10. I Mäßig schnell     5:09
11. II. Lebhaft     2:25
12. III. Lied (Sehr langsam)     3:10

Germaine Tailleferre (1892-1983) Sonate pour Harpe     10:37
13. I. Allegretto     2:46
14. II. Lento     4:44
15. III. Perpetuum Mobile (Allegro Gaiement)     3:07

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