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The Baltimore Consort

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hat better way to enjoy The Baltimore Consort than live, and in a building perfectly suited to their fabulous catalog of early music. Take a journey back in time with a visit to the First Scots Presbyterian Church in Charleston, SC, during the Piccolo Spoleto Festival for the location of this live recording. Surrounded by the ghosts of Scottish Presbyterians (whose congregation dates to 1731), the musicians and their audience felt a spiritual connection to the past. They also enjoyed the very lively sequence of tunes that fans of the BC know so well!

The current First Scots building constructed in 1814, offered a perfect acoustic for the lutes, viols, wooden flutes, and other, exotic instruments of early music, as well as a spacious and elegant historical ambiance in which to listen.

The Baltimore Consort are regular performers at Piccolo Spoleto, since it was founded by Steve Rosenberg in 1986, and this live album highlights the 2007 series. Coming together in Charleston allowed the group to play, within a single week, four or five different programs drawn from its repertory of old tunes, polished like tumbled rock through the years, as well as to explore new (old) music for future touring.

Recording with them for the first time is a gifted young soprano, Danielle Svonavec, and re-appearing after a 17-year hiatus is Mindy Rosenfeld, whose flute playing graced their first seven seasons.

Fans will recognize their old favorites from the Baltimore Consorts famed and familiar repertoire!

Mary Anne Ballard - treble, tenor & bass viols, rebec
Mark Cudek - cittern, Renaisance guitar, bass viol, recorder
Larry Lipkis - bass viol, recorders
Ronn McFarlane - lute
Mindy Rosenfeld - flutes, fifes, recorder
Danielle Svonavec - sopano
Steve Rosenberg - recorder (track 10, 11), Baroque guitar (track 22)
Danny Mallon - percussion (track 22)


  1. The gowans are gay     John Forbes Songs and Fancies 1662     4:06
  2. Adew Dundee     Skene MS c. 1630 - 33     1:42

  3. Kathren Oggie     Anon. fiddle variations Panmure MS c. 1680     2:21
  4. Through the wood, laddie     William McGibbon A Collection of Scots Tunes1746     2:21
  5. Pentland Hills     James Oswald Caledonian Pocket Companion c.1749     2:09
  6. The dark is my delight     Giles Earles's Songbook 1615     2:25
  7. The shaking of the sheets     John Playford, The English Dancing Master 1651     3:13

  8. Saltarello     Joan Ambrosio Dalza Intabolatura de Lauto 1508     2:48
      Piva     Joan Ambrosio Dalza Intabolatura de Lauto     1:58
  9. Galliarde d'escosse     Pierre Phalése Liber Primus Leviorum Carminum 1571     2:24
      Laroque galliarde     Pierre Phalése Liber Primus Leviorum Carminum
10. All in a garden green     John Playford The English Dancing Master 1651     2:02
11. Jon come kisse me now     John Playford Musick's Delight on the Cithren 1666     1:30
12. Newcastle     John Playford The English Dancing Master     2:08

13. Lord Ronald (Lord Randal)     traditional, Airds of Kells Scotland c.1830     6:00

14. The Queen's treble     Anon. British Library Add. MS c.1614     1:55
15. Green grows the rashes     Anon. Balcarres Lute Book 1692-94     2:01

16. Fantasia     Francesco da Milano 1497 - 1543     1:43
17. Recercada primera     Diego Ortiz Trattado de Glosas 1553     2:15
18. A lieta vita     Giovanni Gastoldi Balleti 1591     3:08

19. On the banks of Helicon     Andro Blackhall 1545 - 1609     1:36
20. Les buffons     Jean d'Estrée Tiers livre de danseries 1559     3:18

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